Introducing our TLNT token and its benefits!

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Background and statement of intents

   Those of you who know us, know that we've been working hard for the community for almost three years now, especially highlighting talent and giving remuneration to users with very diverse talents. Actually, we're conformed by members from Bulgaria, Portugal, United States, Vietnam, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Italy, Nigeria, Croatia, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Spain.

   Currently, to all those aforementioned authors who meet a minimum of requirements and who are part of the club, we're giving daily votes, monthly liquid payment from curation rewards, liquid payment for increasing membership with an extra prize at the end of the year to the member who has climbed the most memberships, and a monthly raffle for members who are not doing Power Down.

   In addition, we carry out daily manual curation among talented authors that we discover through the extensive community of the Hive platform (who do not belong to the club) and, among them, we also do a monthly raffle.

   Our only financing model so far has been that of the trust and contribution of the community members themselves, through their delegations.

   We've never liked asking any whale for anything (neither votes nor delegations) because we believe that we can achieve things in a different way than what most projects are used to here for years. And, proudly, we'll continue in that line. That's why our way of receiving external funding will be the club's way: trusting the community members and receiving from them, but also giving back.

   And for this, we've created a token, our own TLNT (Talent) token, with which you can collaborate by financing the club indirectly and its work on the platform but which will also bring you a monthly liquid payment and a seat on the club's Executive Board.

Token technical information

  • Max. Supply: 100,000,000.
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 1,000,000.
  • Annual Token's Release: 1% of max supply.
  • First Year Price: 0.01 HIVE.
  • Subsequent Years Price Increase Percentage (set by the club on the next annual token release): +25% per year.

What exactly will you get holding our token?

   As we said, the first thing we would like our investors to think is that they're doing a job of supporting the community and talent, since by making us grow it helps, not only our club members, but the rest of the community of the platform.

   We, for our part, will thank our patrons in the following way:

  • 45% of the club's monthly curation rewards will be shared among our investors. That's actually (this year) representing a minimum of 320HIVE/month.
  • The minimum requirement to be eligible to start earning rewards is holding a 1% of the circulating supply that year. That would suppose, as an example this year, a minimum holding of 10,000 TLNT (100 HIVE purchase) to start earning a monthly 1% of that total 45% we're sharing.
  • Holding 200,000 TLNT (whatever the price you bought them at) will get you a seat on the club's Executive Board, so you'll have voice and vote and take part in future whole club's decisions.

Why a 45% of the club's monthly curation rewards and not more or less?

   We're actually sharing the another 45% of the club's monthly curation rewards among our club members.

   The other 10% left is reserved to run diverse contests or apply new measures in the future.

   Author rewards are saved to slightly increase our Hive Power.

What is that of +25% Subsequent Years Price Increase?

   We want to assure our investors that they'll be able to sell our token at profit in a couple of years.

   So, as we're going to release 1M tokens each year, those who believe in the club's future and want to buy in subsequent years, will buy at 25% more expensive, so buyers could sell at higher price in subsequent years if they want to.

   We're never going to set our tokens' price created next year at a price lower than or equal to last year's. Always at a higher price.

   This will still allow the free market, since someone can always sell a little below the price set by the club that year and buy it directly from them if they wish.

   We promise that, whoever you bought the tokens from, if you own them, you'll receive our monthly benefit.

I bought first year the 1% minimum to earn rewards. What's up with me at next annual release?

   If you bought a year only the 1% minimum, with next annual release of the next 1M tokens, you'll be holding a percentage under 1% of circulating supply, so you will NOT be eligible to earn rewards that year unless you buy the missing percentage to get back the minimum 1%.

Why's there an annual price increase in the token and why will your profits go in relation to the percentage of tokens you hold each year?

   Since the club's forecast is to continue growing each year and investing in the club the financing from our token buyers, each year and predictably, that 45% of the curation rewards that the club distributes among token holders, will be greater.

   So, if the first year you were earning a monthly 20% from that 45% monthly club's curation rewards, with next annual release you'll be earning a 10% from club's curation rewards (since your holding will represent that from circulating supply) unless you buy more tokens. 6.6% the following year, 5% the following year and so on until your token holding represents less than 1%, at which point you'll stop earning monthly benefits.

I'm actually a club member, how will this token thing affect me or my income?

   Actual club's members will keep earning exactly the same than before. We respect that +30% APR and any other conditions we offered you from the beginning.

   Moreover, if you as a club member buy and hold tokens, you will get extra monthly rewards in the same way as any other token holder. Isn't it nice?

   And, of course, you can also opt to become an Executive Board member meeting the same requirements as any other token investor.

   All these conditions regarding the token, its technical data, its benefits, etc., may be subject to change under a unanimous vote in favor of the Executive Board of the club.

   Do you want to know more about us, who we are or our system? So visit us on our Discord server and take a look there. You can also read about us at the bottom of our Daily Club Reports.

   You can also more know about us and our latest service updates, taking a look at Service Update 2 and Service Update 1 articles.

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