Buy & Burn System - TLNT token Update - The Talent Club

   You can check our Way of Rewards Distribution and Token Introduction articles to know more about our TLNT token.

   We guess we're bringing very good news to TLNT token holders, since we're implementing, retroactively and henceforth, a token burning system.

   We call it Buy & Burn since, whenever you're buying any amount of our token, we're burning that exact amount, sending the tokens to @null account.

   This simple procces will have a high impact on our token holders, since we distribute monthly club's curation rewards depending on the total circulation supply percentage of the token you're holding a month.

   This implies that, every time someone buys the token and we burn tokens in turn, the total circulation supply will decrease, so the holding percentage of every of our token holders will increase, earning more without even having to buy more tokens for that.

   This also implies that, the minimum total circulation supply holding of 1% initially set by the club to be eligible to start earning rewards, will lower from 10,000 TLNT this year to a lower amount, depending on token's purchases and burning during all the months of that concrete year.

   So, very much in line with the club's work line and its vision, the purchase of tokens of a few will benefit the whole holders.

   Note 1: The exact amount of tokens we're going to burn this month, retroactively, it's 346,931.795 TLNT, wich will lower the minimum to be elegible to start earning rewards from 10,000 TLNT to 6,530 TLNT, for this concrete month, amount that will keep decreasing during this year, as more people buy our token and more tokens are burned.

   Note 2: Point out that those purchases that will lead to the burning of tokens by the club, will be those purchases that are made of the tokens that the club puts directly for sale in the market and not those purchases that are carried out between two users individuals and at prices other than those set by the club for the token during that year.

   Note 3: We consider that the price at which the tokens are put actually on sale is a very competitive price and that, although in principle the club has set an annual increase in the price of the token of +25%, by releasing 1M tokens for sale every year, it's possible that this changes over time, due either to the high demand for our token, the growth of the club and therefore the rewards it delivers and ultimately, if the Executive Board of the club deems it appropriate, wich thing will lead to an higher annual price set for a concrete year.

   All these conditions regarding the token, its technical data, its benefits, etc., may be subject to change under a unanimous vote in favor of the Executive Board of the club.

   If you have any doubt don't hesitate to ask us about.

   Visit us on our Discord server!

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