About us and our purpose on the platform!

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Context of our foundation

   This club was founded on April 2018, in an environment where there was a much greater shortage of large votes in the communities and towards small talented users.

   Something that was evident in those days on the platform was the reign of selfishness or sectarianism of some known projects that clamored to do great work in the communities but did not really believe in the community.

   Many reputed users were frustrated and many of them wanted to leave the platform because their articles, of great quality and effort, were obtaining zero rewards for a long time.

   In this context, a group of users asked ourselves the following question: do we leave the platform or do we struggle to try to create a concept and a system that helps others?

The union of the community as a system in itself

   A large group of the community (specifically 50 small users), ranging from photographers, writers and painters to various audiovisual artists, teachers, doctors or even a priest, decided to unite their accounts in a common one, the club's, both to remunerate those fifty people who undertook the adventure as well to compensate others authors who we considered deserved our votes, regardless of whether they belonged to the club or not.

   We really continue to believe that the union of the various users of the platform and mutual help between them as well as helping other users, is one of the keys to a fairer platform.

   Simply imagine the union of half of the platform users in the common account of a project in which they believe, working as a single entity both to reward the altruism of those who help and make up the community whale, as well to reward others who have not yet joined or don't want to join, but deserve remuneration for their talent.

Make no mistake about us

   We know that, for someone who does not know us or does not know our beginnings from scratch, we can seem like one more "financial project", which only provides a service in exchange for delegations. And the truth is, we do not blame them, because in our profile you will see that we highlight financial data to make ourselves more attractive to people who don't know about us.

   But the reality is somewhat different:

  • We don't accept any users in our club just for delegating any amount to us: we study the content of their accounts (both for quality of content and to avoid plagiarists, etc.) and then current members of the club will vote in favor, or not, of their incorporations.
  • The fact that we accept delegations of some users is to be able to continue growing and paying better and better to our increasingly broad community and the rest of the platform, wether they belong to the club or not, through our daily manual curation, monthly raffles to non-club authors and diverse contests.
  • In exchange for the effort that the user makes to make our project grow, as well as for his collaborative will with the community, his altruism and his trust, we offer him something in return to reward him: daily votes, monthly liquid remuneration, liquid remuneration when climbing delegations and monthly raffles.

We work as a single entity, like bees on a hive

   Once you become part of our club, you have a voice and vote in the decision-making of the club; from smallest membership member to largest membership member.

   We still have an Executive Board, given that in the past the participation of the majority of members in decision-making has been low; the aforementioned board is made up of some of the most active members or those who have made the most time or sacrifices for this club.

Applying our collaborative philosophy to help other projects

   Since we know well how difficult it is to start a project without large whale support, we have always been open and we are open, to help other projects.

   We also help some projects bigger than us because we believe they have done or are doing a good job for the communities.

   You can find all the projects we help in some way, as well as other relevant information, in our daily reports.

What are our long-term goals?

   We are people who believe in Blockchain technology and some of us have spent more than four years investing time and money in this technology. We believe that this blockchain, in particular, has great virtues and that it is a matter of time before it is massively adopted.

   From the club, we want to continue being an attractive project, both for users inside and outside the blockchain, that carries as a banner the virtue of generating good income from your quality content.

   For this, we want to continue growing thanks to you, the users of the community who believe in us, whom we will never leave aside.

   We'll keep Powering Up with our own money and investing both in HIVE token and its derivatives.

   In addition, and to try to influence people outside of this platform, we have opened our Twitter account in which we try to be active on a daily basis.

   We will likely re-implement our own token as we did in the past on the old platform.

   If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments.

   We will soon publish another article talking about the members of the Executive Board and their resumes.

   We wish you all a Happy New Year.

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