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   Check out these previous Introducing our Executive Board and About Us articles to know a bit more.

About our minimum quality standards

   As you already know, this is not a club that you can access or benefit from its advantages simply by sending us an HP delegation; first of all, you must leave us an application for admission that will be studied by the club members and in wich they will vote on for or against your access, according to their own criteria.

   No delegation will be taken into account if you didn't pass through our selection proccess.

   We aim to gather reputed and talented members into this club so we look for minimum quality standards, starting from the obvious basis that your content must be of your own and original creation.

   That basis regarding the graphic content is using photographs or videos of your property, with a minimum quality and focus; if they are a bit edited, better.

   That basis regarding the written content, using grammar and spelling correction in your original texts that accompany either literary works, research articles or that tell the story of your published graphic content.

   Then with respect to the publications of the talented users that we want, they are those that stand out in any of these sectors: singing, dancing, playing instruments, graphic content design, photography, Vlog, programming, painters, sculptors, chefs, various writers, models, healthcare professionals and a broader spectrum of talented people.

   We preferably don't look for users who post very short content (unless that is of high quality), who make simple posts commenting on news (unless that is with a good research background behind) or those who apply in favor of controversial topics.

I got access to the club as a member

   As you can imagine this being a talent club, if you joined us you can feel proud; but do not relax, since now you represent the club in each of your publications and you have a responsibility to both the club and the Hive platform community.

   Since, from time to time and as part of our commitment to the community and to maintaining a minimum standard of quality, we review the content of our members, sometimes we have found a member who relaxes too much or thinks that once inside the club anything goes since he'll receive the daily vote no matter what or how.

   That's absolutely wrong.

   Even if you have a high membership and have been in the club for years, if you post content that the club considers does not maintain a minimum level, you may be expelled from the club and never gain access to it again.

   Not to mention if you dare to spam the platform with content that is not yours or you commit plagiarism: not only will you be expelled from the club but we will also be the first to downvote you and your shitposting.

Some rules of this club

   You can find these rules on our Discord server:

  • It must be a requirement to even open an applicantion for admission to the user who aspires to be a member of the club, who had not committed any type of plagiarism in the past. Similarly, those already members of the club, who are detected with some kind of illegal activity in this regard, will be expelled from the club. This club maintains a position of tolerance 0 against plagiarism and its derivatives.
  • To belong to this club and to be able to receive our votes, the texts and images that you publish in your articles must be your own and original content, of course. You must always respect copyright, in case you have to use complementary material from another person, citing bibliographic sources, original authors, kind of license of the source, etc. In the case of publishing short content from some mobile applications, it must always maintain a minimum and decent quality level: the photographs you publish must have a good resolution and focus, as well as accompany them with text according to the post.
  • Belonging to this club carries the minimum responsibility to post decent content on the Hive platform. If the content you publish does not maintain a minimum quality, you will not be able to belong to this club. Trying to take advantage of being in this club to receive a vote from the community for poor content will not be tolerated, just as we do not tolerate that a member may try to spam.
  • As part of our work as a talent club and commitment with the community, we review our members' content from time to time. If we detect that, for whatever reason, the quality of your publications has declined, you will be notified that you must improve your content if you want to continue belonging to the club. If after the first warning you ignore it and keep on publishing content without a minimum of decency, you will be expelled from The Talent Club.
  • This club reserves, in any case, the right of admission or permanence of any member.

Some already known advices for your publications

   We will always maintain that the best thing to do is that everything you use in your publications is always your intellectual property. But if, for some specific reason, you have to rely on external content, you can help yourself with the following tips:

  • First of all, if you are a content creator of a certain level, you will surely worry that said content of your property is registered in intellectual property and has some type of license that protects it and determines its appropriate use. We recommend you, for example, Safe Creative site, where you can register any kind of content format, for free in the most of cases.
  • Use sites like Pixabay or Pexels to rely on some external images.
  • If you use images from these aforementioned sites, it will be enough to put the sources of said images, since we all know that they are freely licensed and totally public for commercial purposes, etc..
  • If you use images from, for example, search engines like Google, you have to take into account several things: be sure the images you're going to use are CC0 license and link the images to its sources or, in the case of using Attribution-ShareAlike licensed images, be pretty sure of giving the appropiate credit to the original author and linking also the licenses.
  • If you are going to support your text with bibliographic content from any encyclopedia or you are going to contrast information from various research blogs, cite the bibliographic sources; and, please, remember that it's one thing to rely on bibliographic sources and quite another to copy/paste or paraphrase the texts.
  • Add as much additional information as you can to your publications: from the type of camera you used to take a photo to the location where the content was originated or any other detail that can enrich the reader's experience and professionalize your content.

Improving the club

   Some of the users who follow us know that we are in a process of improvement in many aspects. We have been working on them for months and soon you will be able to read an article that will give you some information, although there is still a lot of work to be done.

   As part of this restructuring and new approaches, we are raising our quality standards and there are users who are currently not going to be able to join the club or members who are going to be expelled from it.

   It is nothing personal against anyone but as a talent club that we are and for which we stand out, we prefer to have 80 excellent members than 110 normal members, in a manner of speaking, although that affected our total delegations amount.

   The idea of this club has always been to be an entity of distinction and good work, on which there is no doubt of its worth, trust and talent.

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