5,300 HIVE Extra Rewards Among Our Members - May 2021

   We're distributing, in an extra way, again, the second big power down of the club among all those who have made this club possible: our dear members.

   The total distribution, among all members, is going to be 5,300 HIVE.

   Those who will take most of that amount are the oldest members of the club and with higher memberships (since they are the ones who have contributed the most with their grain of sand during these years). As an example, a Red Diamond who has been with us for 3 years will get three times more than a Red Diamond who has only been in the club for 1 year.

   In addition, more aspects are taken into account for this payment, such as the contribution to the club by other means, extra jobs or sacrifices, etc.

   We hope you're pleasantly surprised by this extra remuneration and that you know that this club is like your home.

   Once again, thank you on behalf of the club for your trust and community support!

Californium252 members

Red Diamond members

Diamond members

Rhodium members

Platinum members

Gold members

Silver members

Bronze members

Talent Minnows

   If any member does not agree with the amount received, we will be happy to review their case.

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