Wildlife photography: Spring life😉


Spring is unusually early this year. To be precise, it started a couple of weeks ago. At the beginning of February there was still snow, but now the sun is shining, streams are babbling, the first plants are appearing, and the first snowdrops have appeared in the forest.

My yard is clearly alive. Crows and sparrows, feeling the approach of warmth, although somewhat puzzled by such an early spring, are already busy looking for a mate and a place for the future nest. Their bickering has been heard since morning. Probably they are the ones who have already started a family and now they can't decide where to put the cupboard and what colour to paint the walls 😁.

I'm trying to spend more time outside to recharge my batteries after the gloomy winter days. Of course I really want to go for a walk in the woods, but there's a lot of ticks out there right now and I'm worried about my dogs' health.



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