A green Monday for us all - Photo Curation #65

Hey, lovers of the Eight Art!

Today we will treat you with the magic of the green color, presented quite well in the pieces created by three artists who masterfully use their photographical skills!

Please follow the artists below if you haven't already and support their great works and efforts, thank you!

"A fragment of the manuscript or instead of a comment for my friend" by @bambuka (25% beneficiary)


"Fairy Tale Stair" by @photocracia (25% beneficiary)


"Picturesque Carpathians" by @uadigger (25% beneficiary)

We would like to say huge thank you to our curation partner, the @TalentClub - check out their work and consider some support for them as well as they do to all of us here at this project, yourself included!

Our avatar has been created by @soulsdetour, huge thanks!

Do you know any other Hive bloggers who post quality photographs? Please comment/tag them under this post so we review and start following them and appreciate their work!

Please upvote, reblog and follow us to support this noble growing initiative!

All feedback, suggestions, criticism, ideas and comments are very welcomed!

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