Under The Canopies Of An Old Shady Tree


20th January 2023

"The true meaning of life is to plant a tree, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

-Nelson Henderson

Hong Kong may seem too dense in different cities and seemingly indifferent to nature. But as you travel to the countryside, you will be amazed at the beauty of nature that seems to be well taken care of.

During my new year walk at Tai Lam Nature Trail, one thing that caught my attention as I got to the camping and barbecue site was the number of enormous trees in all corners of the site. Their sturdy structures tell the time they have been staying in the place. They all look healthy in lush green leaves despite the fall season and they seemed to be havens and perfect for restful slumber.

Among all trees, the one that served as the center of attraction was the hulk shady tree in the middle of the site. It looked old, yet has strong thick bark, spreading long sturdy branches, and lush leaves. Long vines were growing around its branches and hanging freely. Under its canopies that spread widely was a perfect spot for resting.

It has been my resting for a moment while watching people gathering around. On my left was a group of Filipinas having a happy session and enjoying singing with their mini portable karaoke set. While one was singing, the rest were dancing along with the beat. I, myself, jived with the music as well, especially when they sang and danced Dancing Queen.

You can see them having fun in this video at 12:25.

On the other side with more shady trees were different groups of HK residents grilling barbecues, camping, family bonding, kids playing, and others. There were several views and live scenery to watch while staying under the tree. It seems like the place was divided into different groups based on status and levels. As I walked farther to the eastern side I came across different groups of domestic workers: Filipinos, and Indonesians.

Have you seen the ice cream truck along the highway? That's Mobile Softee, the oldest ice cream truck in Hong Kong which has been roaming around the cities since 1970. You can spot this mobile truck roaming around different cities of HK, and usually staying in popular tourist attractions. Their ice cream isn't top-notched, rather looks ordinary, but people love it. I tried it several times already and I liked it too.

That concludes my blog for today. It's almost Chinese New Year here and people are definitely busy, including me. So don't wonder if I am not too active these past few days. That's the main reason.

Thanks for reading 😊

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