Bay of the Tuba River | PhotoFeed Competition - Landscape Photography Round 72

Hello, friends.
Last week I was returning home in the evening, the road went along the shore of the Tuba Bay. The bay itself is still covered in ice, although going out on the ice is already dangerous, the water of the Tuba River is eroding the ice from below, and the March weather is gradually melting the ice from above.
There was some kind of haze in the air, the outlines of the surrounding mountains were blurry.
But then the sun broke through the clouds and the world around was transformed. The contours of the opposite shore became clear, and the mountains themselves became bright.

Photo submitted for participation in PhotoFeed Contest - Landscape Photography Round 72 by @photofeed
Camera: Nikon 1 S1
Location: Russia, Siberia
Friends, thank you for your attention, see you soon.
Best regards @irvet

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