PhotoFeed Contest - Landscape Photography #30 : Amazing Norwegian Landscape


If I want to go for a scenic drive, one of the best places I know about, is Setesdalen and the drive on the "Suleskarsvegen" across the mountain from Brokke (Setesdalen) to Lyseboth, which is located in a mountanious areas and at the end of a fjord called Lysebotn. From Kristiansand (Southern Norway) we drive up Setesdalen a couple of hundred kilometers to Brokke. Here we get on the Suleskarsvegen. This drive is among one of the popular scenic drives in Southern Norway. First photo is my entry to @photofeed contest @photofeed/photofeed-contest-landscape-photography-round-30

From Kristiansand we can make it as a day trip. Especially if we start early and don't mind getting home a bit late. This drive does take hours, not only because of the distance, but also because of the roads in the mountains. They are narrow and as we get closer to Lysebotn, there are several hairpin turns. We have to drive slowly most of the time. This is a drive we can not do during winter. The road is closed from some time in November untill May. The exact day it closes and opens will vary because it depends on the snow - how early snow arrives and the amount.

There many possibilitis to make some stops. Either we just enjoy the landscape. Some times there are sheeps in the road. The usaually thing here is that the sheep farmers take the sheeps into the mountains for the whole summer. You will see plenty sheeps up here. Usually we have a long stop in the small village of Lysebotn before we start on our way back to Kristiansand. But Lyseboth is popular. Great hikes, like Kerag to get to the Kjerag Bolt ( a stone that is stuck in a crevice some hundreds of meters above the fjord). Or you can do BASE jumping, which means you have to throw yourself of a 1000 m. high, vertical cliff. So, stay a few days if you like to try that.

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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