Beautiful Sunday /sublimesunday at my place of worship

A beautiful Sunday at ECWA church FATE Tanke(the Evangelical church winning all) IMG_20201108_090536.jpg

I ilorin kwara state Nigeria it was a wonderful time with God as we worship togetherIMG_20201108_090449.jpg

again with a serious prayer for our dear country Nigerian,things are not easy the economy is down,covid19pandemic,people are dyeing of hunger no employment opportunities for the youth cofew we can no longer move as we like,protesters every where shouting end Sars![2349019069901_status_e37b6f7a713b4(ba116b51afd37ab67.jpg)

end police brutality end bad government,citizens where being killed during the protest!2349017092018_status_20882b7a29634ec58f17ec128715d59a.jpg


and everything is getting out of hand and that was the reason for the prayers that every demonic alter should be broken in our dear country Nigeria it was a power packed program and we bless God for the success happy Sunday to you all stay safe and stay alive

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