Sublime Sunday- My Lovely Flowers and A Different Walk

Today it was a little different from what I do on a sublime Sunday. There might be a lot of similarities between my routine walks, but today it was a different walking trip.


It was raining heavily last night, so I thought my regular walking/jogging will not be possible.

In fact, I wanted to sing Rain Rain Go Away, but stopped. After all, we need water for human life. We are short of water already, so I should not mind if it clashes with my outing routine, especially while in a walking mood.

But when I woke up at 5 this morning and watched outside from my bedroom window, it looked cold and cloudy. I came out of my house and checked my walking area.
Image at 6 AM

My walking area was misty, so I thought I will skip my morning walk and went back to bed.

It was not raining but cloudy

Image at 7

I got up at 7, did some browsing, and checked my emails.

But the weather was fine at 7.30, the mist was almost gone

The weather looked fine but too cold.

Incidentally, today there was a personal meeting online at 9.45 so I pinned a note telling them I will be out for 30 minutes for emergency work.

At 8 in the morning, the weather looked fine and sunny, so I thought I should have a short walk. You know, the walking lovers.

I started at 8.45 am from my house


I came out of my bedroom through the side gate that opened in the backyard and took the side gate to sneak out of my house. See, I didn't want to wake up my wife!


I opened the side gate and took a picture


Took a picture of my driveway.

No, I had no intention to drive but walk about half a km to take a few more pictures


I looked at my bike, should I try biking No!!!

Then I clicked once more before turning around and moving toward the road.

closed the gate, stepped down, and took another picture... turning to left


Moved forward, took another one
Looked at the right... at neighbors shrubs! No, I had no plan of trespassing, but only took a picture.

Looked at my left at colorful leaves and white flowers... fine, I will take them all, see I have nothing much to do


Can I leave it? Her mailbox, you know, I said earlier, nothing much to do 😉

Okay, out of the driveway >>>


on to the walkway >

a turn to left


walking, walking, and more walking


I was on the main road now and I could see the mall
I wanted to walk further but then I saw it was cloudy again so I turned and moved towards home

By the way, @c0ff33a how is the weather in your area and what do you do while it rains during your leisurely time?

Finally, this Sunday morning was not as bad as thought!

All images my phone

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