A Sublime Sunday Walk Along the Mississippi

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For this week's #sublimesunday, as inspired by @c0ff33a, I decided to hop in the Camry and head over to an area along the Mississippi River. With rain in the forecast all day today, I passed on the Santa Cruz and drove over to check in on a spot I used to lunch at while working at my old job. I know, that "old job" was only one week, but hey, I'm romantic that way, you know?


From what I can tell, this place was an old city dump spot. Debris such as concrete and asphalt would be dropped off here and into the river. Over time, dirt and earth was filled over the debris, and life took off yet again.




It's a spot that is literally 200 feet away from the city's wastewater treatment plant, so if the wind is coming through in the wrong direction, it can be a bit much in terms of smell. Yet this also helps keep people away too; this is a place that typically has very little to no traffic. I do like these little spots within the city...




Wildflowers, or invasive weeds...I'm never sure which is which, but they are fun to enjoy. Also, they are fun to take photos of as well..


It was a perfect Sunday morning. Crickets in the background, small waves crashing the beach, and a solid wind coming in from the south kept things refreshing. No sewags smells today!


Fall is in the air, and every weekend, we get closer and closer to the colors of the trees changing. I'm really looking forward to sharing those images soon with the @sublimesunday community.

Until next weekend, thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look.

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