Finally A Sublimely Beautiful Saving Money Sunday

I Am Back!


As many of you know the Old Guy is all about saving a few bucks, and why not? I always thought the cash felt better in my own pocket that someone else's! Lately I have spent a lot of money so it is time for those purchased goods to start earning their keep. So far so good. My first trip of DIY moving to Virginia is under our belt!


I am going to move my house for less than I would have to pay a shipping company to do it. I bought my trailer to perform this task and after I can choose to sell it.


This is an example if a 5% grade. We went down three coming and three going! The truck did great!


Fellow Michigander Bob Seger knows about being on the road...

The Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday tags are some of my faves! I want to thank @ace108 for running the beautiful Sunday tag every week and keeping such detailed stats and supporting the accounts. Also, a shout out to @c0ff33a for the sublime Sunday tag where your random Sunday posts are always welcome!

Now I must say going through both Ohio and West Virginia, some of the "facilities" at the rest area are slightly better than a porta potty! How ever once you cross over in Virginia proper, step back, because they sure know how to build them. A real honest brick sh*thouse complete with wrought iron bridge! Too cool!

The Commodores knew what I am talking about!

One way I like to cut costs is you nab some fried chicken late at night! Mmmnn it was so good after so many hours on the road.


Yeah this life on the road aint too shabby! Sure paying someone the big bucks to move you is the easy way, but you miss out on the fun adventures. Although it wasnt fun for this 18 wheeler, I am thankful we got by with no issues yet!


So I plan to keep going to "Those Far Away Places"


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