Sublimesunday and beautiful sunday

How are you guys doing? It another beautiful sunday.
Today being the second sunday I worshipped at winners chapel at Basin. And really at a nice time being in God's presence.
Firstly I doesn't want step out to go to church because I was little bit down and slept late trying ti put somethings together.




But finally i went to church but I felt why can't I relax a little bit. My mind couldn't allow me to rest, so I got off my bed and dash to the bathroom do some rub and shine (not using soap and sponge) I spent less minutes because time has gone. I manage to meet the second service. I really enjoy the service despite I was a little bit late. The church members were looking at me "are you just coming? " they didn't ask me the question but I can tell from the look on their face but I thought to myself it better I come than never. Most people are not around I was like wow am not the person who doesn't want to go to church.



After the service I took some food and which nigeria is consider as the fastest food which is garri (cassava flake) and kulikuli which is made from groundnut. That how I could enjoy my day. I thought to myself chicken is coming sone day.

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