Sublime Surprise Celebration time!!! I'm EXCITED!!!!

Do you know what this week is?

If you were here last year at this time.... you do! It is the anniversary of DreemPort! I cannot believe that it has been a YEAR! How did the time fly that fast? I have no idea, but when I think back to our beginning, I just smile. no... I BEAM.

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I love that this project has been slowly, steadily growing with love, dedication, joy, community, and passion. I love that our token has actually helped people with life - and hasn't been abused by pump/dump schemes, or allowed to be manipulated. I love that the ONLY thing we reward is commitment to quality, engagement, and honesty.

❤️most of all, I love that dreeming is becoming contagious.❤️ hehehe


To celebrate this week with all of you, I wanted to have a fun little extravaganza! hehehe

When we party - we have to INVITE FRIENDS,
there has to be DANCING!!!
and we MUST have GREAT FOOD! hehehe

and what's a party without prizes? so yep. gotta be prizes hehee

I'm going to mint 5000 Dreem tokens for this party - BUT, as you know, I really try to protect the token and not just mint willy-nilly! But I also wanted to kinda make this MORE fun. So, I'm going to give away 10,000 of my own Dreem tokens from my wallet🤑. (that I earned by using the platform - or bought with my own money! so we have fun... responsibly! LOL)

And maybe a few more surprises too. But - surprises are surprises. so... gotta wait to see them hehehehe

15,000 tokens will be showered upon dreemers in the following ways!

  1. For Tuesday, we INVITE FRIENDS.
    That means - for the first time ever, YOU will be allowed to submit a FRIEND'S post to DreemPort. Just show up on Tuesday for your normal curation, and then drop in a FRIEND'S post TO DREEMPORT!
  • 2500 Dreem tokens is up for grabs here - whoever joins in - splits this pot!

  1. For Wednesday, we DANCE! hahahaha
    Now, you can chicken out if you want! LOL And you can just TELL us your favorite story about a time that you danced (of course - please make it entertaining) OR OR OR... You can upload a video of yourself DANCING for 30 seconds! LOL Have fun! Be silly! Spready joy! (AND DON'T FORGET TO ACTUALLY TELL US ABOUT YOUR DANCE MOVES. You know DreemPort is all about the written content FIRST. So if you post a video - be sure to EXPLAIN what we're seeing! LOL (you know that you inspired this right @zyzymena ? hahaha and another idea for later too LOL)
  • 2500 Dreem tokens is up for grabs for the WRITTEN story - whoever submits - splits the pot!
  • 5000 Dreem tokens is up for grabs for the DANCING video - whoever submits - splits THAT pot! (yep, if only one person does it - they get the whole kit and caboodle hehehe)

  1. For FRIDAY, it's #MarketFriday with @dswigle! And your special mission on this day, is to write up a menu for our party! Show us what you would be buying at the store - and tell us why these are your favorite party foods! Appetizer, Main Course, and Cake would be AWESOME! hehehe
  • 5000 Dreem tokens up for grabs here! Whoever submits - splits!

ALL must be submitted by 5pm PST on each day to DreemPort- in order to meet the deadline and split the pot!

Thank you, dreemers - for making this first year so awesome!

I've been so blessed, and I am hopeful that the best is yet to come! hehehe love you all!!!

Happy Birthday DreemPort!!!

What do you think? Sound easy enough?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

All DreemPort images property of DreemPort and designed by the amazing @jimramones. Please do not use without permission from DreemPort.

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