Sublime and Beautiful Sunday: A little snow day


Hello Mr. Snow, we haven't seen you around much lately and don't get me wrong I love you but I don't need to see you each day either.


This was maybe 5cm of snow when I woke up today. Thank goodness this is the light and powdery stuff. Easy to move unlike that wet slush junk that feels like shoveling sand.

I had some breakfast then I bundled up and attacked it like I normally do. This was a breeze, 45 minutes max with my music blasting in my ears while doing so. The scrape, scrape, scrape of plastic on asphalt is a sound I'm accustomed to but annoys at the same time. Music to the rescue.

The wafting aroma of wood burning adds nicely to an otherwise mundane job of shoveling. The smells of shoveling as they say haha


I noticed some interesting tracks this time. There is a rabbit that likes to hang out all year long it seems. I'm no animal tracker but I think this was him.



Cleaned out the driveway and it's looking nice and neat.



Finished the porch.


Don't forget to leave out that bottle of wine before you start shoveling. This is the real protip and it'll be nice and chilled whenever you need it later on.



A few of the seasonal planters don't seem to mind the weather.



The walkway is all done.


Don't forget about the salt. This is pure rock salt. I have so many leftover bags of this stuff once the soft water tank gave up the ghost years ago. So many 20 Kg bags laying around with no real use. Throw it on the sidewalk and the driveway during these times. Rock salt isn't great on the asphalt, concrete or the garden so I use it sparingly. What are you gonna do? Let it sit there for the next 30 years?

All the shoveling is done for today. The other protip is not to bother showering and get the shoveling done early. You're going to get all sweaty and gross anyhow so take a shower after you've done all your manual labor. A nice warm shower after this is its own form of reward in my opinion.

As a side note, shoveling in general wreaks havoc on my nose. The cold to warm environment switch must do it. Very similar to spicy food, clears your sinuses right out. I'll come in after a shoveling session while grabbing the facial tissues immediately. I might have lost a few pounds in the process haha


A lazy Sunday and I don't feel like cooking too much. A nice meat sauce is in the fridge begging for some spaghetti and a French baguette. Sounds good to me.





Here's what I call The Cauldron otherwise known as the pasta pot. The beauty about this guy is that it will never overflow if you fill it up while leaving a little room at the top. Cleaning up burned pasta water off the stove is no fun and this prevents it completely.


The final result in case you were interested.

I couldn't call it a lazy Sunday as I did get some exercise but it was a nice one. Here's to many more maybe minus the actual work haha

Thank you @c0ff33a keeping #SublimeSunday going strong and @ace108 who is running #BeautifulSunday.

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