Thoughtful sublime Sunday


Dear ☀️ day I ask you
something very personal,
Which is close to my very;
Knowing that multiple have an appetite for it
If delivered to me, joy will scatter
And this little wish of mine is
Sleep, rest, and relaxation

Hehe a person like me only desires to have healthy sleep especially when it's the weekend. Although no one disturbs me by throwing water at me,


yes, some random things disturb me. Mom asking where you have placed my dress. I have to restrict it. Get up and check my sugar level while fasting. Have I been living my sweet dreams? So now moving to my sublime Sunday. See the first gift I got hehe my favorite bangles got broken but my hands remained safe; appreciate the photography and editing 😂


I slept with a high level of motivation that in the morning I will not be late but sorry I woke up at ***7 PM ***hehe it's late following mom as we have to perform morning exercise. See the snaps I have taken through this morning's walk.


Sunday is national washing day in Pakistan so men have to wake up on the alarm call of the washing machine haha.
My first experience with the vacuum machine was not bad unless I fell badly. I am not a water baby thereby water doesn't like me.


Even in the bathroom, I fell so badly that my front teeth were damaged so badly the last choice was to replace them. Leave this story as I will feel gloomy. I have spent my school life in school and half in the dentist's clinic . That horrible period still haunts me. Later I will humorously narrate this story. See me and my niece both having the same fondness for jewelry. Although she doesn't wear it in routine and realizes her phuppo is having bangles or bracelets she ran to have it. Copycat.


In the next half of the day, I analyzed all the books of my previous semester. After seeing the notes I was almost laughing hard. The reason is the captions my friends have written on them.
Keystone species have a greater impact on the ecosystem.
The heading of the topic looked like this;
Baby tell me one more beautiful lie haha


Few pages contained gossip about the teachers and the students. Come DJ we held a snack party on the last bench. I recalled that period as a lot of fun. There is a system of dowry in our society, so my mam used to say this;
Take all these books in your dowry and tell them these are precious to you hahaha.


We laugh as we have saved a few of them. In my scenario, I have donated my books to a needy fellow. But few students used to sell them to purchase the local snacks and sweets we called paparr and partisa haha.
How I can forget about the cooking, see I have made donuts.


I know their size is not perfect but it's my first try Nah. Only this was left by my family. I don't know why the cook remains hungry.
Sublime Sunday ended But I found the following thing;

Conclusive thoughts;

  • Life is about enjoyment, the time you have now will never come back so chill and rejoice each moment.
  • No matter if the things are perfect or not but at least they are present. They have their uniqueness.
  • The dirt can be removed easily when it's at the initial stage but when it becomes sticky. It requires more effort and time and can become permanent too. So if there is a misunderstanding in your relations, sort it now otherwise it will become permanent.


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