Why are the sundays sublime?

Hey everyone 😁

Hope you guys are doing great out there and making the most of your Sundays!

I saw some of the bloggers posting in this community and a thought popped up in my mind that why are the Sundays sublime and are they actually sublime?

I then tried to observe my Sundays, read some of the articles on the internet and found that yes Sundays are actually sublime but the question Why are the Sundays sublime?


Ps. Pictures is mine as I mostly chose to relax on sundays.

I finally grasped a thought which satisfied me to some extent. Sundays are different from other days because we get time, the time that we get to spend with ourselves. On the other days, we are primarily stuck with a routine and some organized chores are handed to us or we ourselves chose to do them.

Also this is my most favorite thing to do on Sundays 😍
Sundays basically give us the freedom to do what we wish to do in the entire weekdays. I have a very busy schedule throughout the week I don't get enough time to do things which I wish to do. Sundays give me this space to pursue such things, such as I watch movies, read novels, sit silently giving myself some company.

We have attached this connotation this meaning to Sundays that Sundays are meant to relax and take a break from these hasty and tiring routines. It also gives us the ground to spend some more time with the people we love. ♥️😁

It also fills us with enough energy to cope/ face the world with fresh spirit and enthusiasm which is quite necessary considering the need of humans to refuel themselves.

Thanks for the love

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