RE: Top 5 coffee curiosities that you might not know (ENG/ESP)

Hello, how are you?

Well in my favor I can tell you that the content written here is not plagiarized anywhere,

the only two occasions in which I can say that it would be (PLAGIARISM) are in the quote, that I said it was a quote (MY MISTAKE WAS NOT TO PLACE ITS SOURCE) but I did not say that it was my text, I said it was a quote.

and another part that I can say that can be seen as plagiarism would be the date of birth of and the biography of Léonard Rauwolfv and this I think is understandable, since in no way I can make changes in facts that are so written, if the quote of the book is written like this, it is supposed that so I have to write it (As I say my mistake was not to place the source of the quote).

on the other hand, this text:

It is made up of water and the fruit of a shrub called bunny.

This part you show in the screenshot that you say proves that my post is plagiarized. You have to take into account that that part of the text is exactly the quote that I mention in my post for that reason it is written in the same way.

Ok, I also see that in the image you show where you say that my post is plagiarized, you also show this text:

Léonard Rauwolf : A German physician and explorer who undertook his travels in search of new medicinal resources which he then put into practice and documented the whole process.

ok I would like to see where is the source of this plagiarism, you are saying that this part is plagiarized and I really want you to show me the page or web site from where I (ACCORDINGLY COPY THAT TEXT)

You are also giving me a link where you say that I took the information, and I tell you that my information was not extracted from that site, since I read it in this site :

That means that the website you say I got the information from has nothing to do with this post.

as well as that link I can also share with you this one which is where I managed to read that coffee is a very commercial product worldwide:

as well as this one where he talks about coffee as an insecticide:

you also say that I joined HIVE in the year 2021, that is correct, in that part I agree with you 100%, but in that post I did not mean that I revealed anything in 2014, that is because of the translator I use, I am not a native English speaker, I am Venezuelan and I do not speak English well and for that reason I use the translator so I can give my content in English as well.

What I wanted to imply in that part of the post was that in 2014 studies were revealed (NOT ME) were revealed studies but not mine, as I am neither a scientist nor a botanist or anything like that, that part of the post is because of a bad tradition, if you want to check that part you can read the Spanish version of this post and you will realize what I really wanted to imply with my words

I am not plagiarizing content from anyone and that is why I really don't like that you make these statements when I know that nothing in this post was plagiarized from any other post.

The only thing I give you the reason is in the quote of the text, in which I said it was a quote, as I said before, my only mistake in this whole post was not placing the source of the quote, but with all the respect you deserve as an administrator and as a member of your community I can tell you that all other statements you say are completely wrong, since my post was written entirely by me, and if not it would be great to see you explain me where I plagiarized the content.

Remember to answer the question I mentioned to you, from a paragraph that you say I plagiarized, but in reality it is not plagiarized.

Greetings, I repeat (MY only mistake in this whole post was not placing the source of the quote I mention in the post).

Once you check everything it would be nice if you could edit your comment of my post, as I don't like what it says and it makes me look like a bad content creator when I know you are wrong in much of what you tell me

I really defend my content, since I spent a lot of time to create it and I really do not admit that you say it is plagiarism when I know it is not so.

And as I say, if something is poorly written in English is for lack of knowledge of that language, as I help me with translators and that gives a different meaning to the reading.

I wait for your response and thank you for your comment

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