The Terrifying Find Inside That Box/Suspense

Greetings friends coffee lovers, what a pleasure to participate in this week's creative writing challenge Number 26, here I share my story, I hope you like it.

Until the day came! Finally we would be in a new apartment, my own home, the effort was worth it, I was very happy, the children would finally come, my husband said and I looked at him and smiled, I wanted to have at least three, hahaha.

But we were not fully settled in yet, we arrived a day early with half of the move, we set up the bed and slept relaxed, we unpacked what we had.

I remember we drank many cups of coffee with cookies that night, it was cold and we needed energy, I don't know at what point we acquired so many things and there was a lot to accommodate.

I didn't want everything to look cluttered when the next boxes arrived, I felt some angst because as I unpacked I realized that the box where my laptop and graphics tablet were didn't come on this trip, they were my work tools, but I relaxed, it wasn't a day to work, at least not on the computer.

We went to bed very late, I don't know when I fell asleep, I only remember Brian my husband shaking my leg in the morning telling me that the truck had arrived with the rest of the boxes.

A smile came across my face, at last, everything was home, I exclaimed. I hurried downstairs as I watched the rest of the boxes being unloaded. My husband put a cup of coffee in my hand, after reminding me how sexy I looked in my pajamas and disheveled, it was very funny.

But there was no despair, we had breakfast, I showered and set about sorting through what was missing with Brian.
When I uncovered the first box, hoping it was my laptop, the discovery was shocking. This and the other boxes were not mine.

Inside the box was a picture frame of a newlywed couple, dressed like this, with illustrations and stickers with phrases like death, separation, hate, fights. The other boxes were of normal things like ornaments, certain books and kitchen utensils.

I quickly let go of the picture frame, realizing that it was full of a very strong smelling powder coming out of the back, which made me start sneezing and I ran out to wash my hands.

My husband kept checking where he found a clear glass jar with a fetus inside, covered by a liquid, a kind of preservative, it was a fetus of about 12 weeks gestation, it was fully formed but very small.

It was grotesque and terrifying what my eyes were seeing. My husband called a friend who worked at the moving company and we started to investigate, the box belonged to an old woman who had moved out alone.

We investigated, my brother-in-law was a detective, many years ago she had fallen madly in love with her employer, she was a maid in the house of the newly married couple and got pregnant by the man she secretly loved, but she lost the baby soon after.

She was discovered by her employer and thrown out on the street like a dog, resentful, full of hatred, she began to make rituals to separate them and so it was, the couple could never have children, they lived full of problems and soon after the wife died.

She approached her employer again and he, knowing that she had something to do with his wife's death, quickly rejected her.

Outraged, she condemned him to a slow and painful death.
*We knew who it was and went to the hospital where this man had been confined for years, he was already an old man with no family, Harris Jones was his name. *

The doctors did not give him a chance, but neither could they find the disease he was suffering from. When we saw him we showed him the photo and he told us the story of how he had been condemned for years to an unknown disease that had him suffering for years, his health condition was critical and he had been like that for a long time.

Mr. Jones just wanted to die and be reunited with his beloved wife. He told us that Ericarmen, the old lady who owned the box, would go to her to retrieve that bottle, with that strange coffee powder, to keep tying him to this world, but he also told me what I should do.

We waited, two days later the doorbell of our apartment rang, it was an old lady, she knocked on my door telling me that by mistake of the moving one of her boxes came along with mine. Indignant, I looked at her and said, "Are you looking for this? I know everything you have done.

A cry of despair came out of her mouth, as I saw her empty the contents of the jar into my kitchen dishwasher in front of her, the water quickly made it go down the drain. Her defeat was evident, I closed my door in front of her as I ran her out of my home, reminding her that she would pay for all the evil she had done.

A few hours later I received a call from the hospital, telling us that Mr. Jones had gone into a deep sleep, he had no relatives, he would finally rest in peace and in his death he would achieve what he longed for which was to be reunited with his beloved wife.

We took care of all the funeral services and gave him a Christian burial, right next to his wife's grave, since that place had been set aside for him for many years, before the farewell we left his restored photo, where he looked so happy on his wedding day.

This story is fictional and does not represent anyone in particular, quality content written by @yelimarin, all rights reserved. Translator DeepL used to share you the English version, InShop App for the cover photo and FaceApp to age my photo and dramatize the old lady at the door.

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