STB Week 44 The Wisdom in Every Sip of Coffee

Hello everyone, happy weekend, glad to join you in this creative writing challenge and this is my participation, I hope you like it. I took the first option.

I have been complaining since I arrived in this city, I don't know anyone, I don't like the weather, the house where we live is too big, there is no good internet signal, the people are strange, I haven't enjoyed a sunny day, my husband spends all day working, I want to get out of here, I can't stand it anymore.


I miss my family, my friends, this change of my husband's job represents a great opportunity for him, but a great loneliness for me, I love him deeply, but many times I have thought about leaving everything and going back to my country.

Where I feel at home, with my family and friends, here it is so difficult, even to go shopping I have to translate a language that I do not understand and it is cold here, for others it is normal because they are used to it, for me it is suicide, I wish to see a ray of sunshine warming me.

I've been to places and I feel I don't fit in, one morning I went out to take out the garbage bag and on my door I found a flayer that told me about a place of wisdom and spirituality, it was like a restaurant and it had a cup of coffee in the illustration. I needed to get out of this house or rather my prison, I got ready and went to that place.


When I arrived it was very closed, at first sight you saw a door and when you entered you were redirected to another, it was a dark environment with incense smell, in the background a very low instrumental music that was part of the ambient sound, when I entered the room, I was greeted by a woman of about 50 years or more and said "Welcome Miranda" But how did she know my name I wondered? She said, "I'll catch up with you" and told me to sit down.

The light was dim and brought me a cup of coffee that with each sip made me see everything in a different way, as if it changed my perspective since I arrived in this country until now and each thing made sense to me and I understood how unfair I have been with life and what I have.

Every sip and the words of that lady who spoke to me in a kind tone made me understand how lucky I was to have my own house, how fortunate I was to be able to know another country and understand another language, how unfair I have been to my husband who strives to make sure that nothing is missing in the house.


I left there with a different vision of the world and of my life, I invited my husband to this place and before we arrived they were already waiting for us, a table was prepared for us and they brought us to the table a cup of this coffee.

Its taste, its smell, that sensation of understanding in each sip was unique, my husband and I talked for hours and we laughed until we couldn't, it was as if we were meeting again.

And for a moment our connection was unique, we just left there, happy, in love and with more wisdom than ever, I hope more people know about this place, but from my wisdom I understood that it should not be for me.

And so ends my creative writing participation this week, thank you for reading me, see you next week.

Images extracted from pixabay, I used the translator Deepl to translate the text, and the App. InShot for the cover photo.

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