Enjoying My Sweet Revenge for Keeping My Coffee from Me

Guys happy start of the week, what a pleasure to participate again in this creative writing challenge, corresponding to week 28, I share with you my entry.

I wake up very early to organize and be on time for a press conference which will be extended at the end of a long work meeting.

So early in the morning I woke up automatically to put the water on to make my coffee while I decided what to wear, so I would leave the coffee brewing while I took a bath, everything was reviewed in my mind since the night before, I like to have everything organized and I hate when because of others I have to change my agenda.

But at night my husband hid my flask where I usually keep my coffee powder, he went out earlier than me to work and would be in a place where there would be no coverage, so it was impossible for me to communicate with him.

I went crazy looking for my jar of coffee powder all over my apartment without any success, I was very upset, I knew it was him being funny.

My anger and desperation increased with the passing of the minutes, knowing that I could not be late to my office, besides I do not like to be drinking coffee at work prepared by anyone, in that part I am very delicate, I like to drink coffee in a coffee shop where I see it prepared or at home, otherwise I take my thermos with my coffee.

Besides being in the meeting all day I could not go out to a cafeteria, because where everything was far away, so I could not sleep all morning and I knew I had to be upright and attentive in that meeting, take notes for my report, I could not stand it anymore, I lacked a lot of energy, I wanted revenge, I was going to do it and I was going to enjoy it.

I was outraged and planned my sweet revenge, I didn't say anything about what happened to my coffee. And just before my husband left for work the next day, I took his reading glasses out of his bag and hid them in a vase that I put on the table.

My husband has a hard time reading without wearing his glasses, so I made him suffer all day while he had to do his work without glasses, forcing his eyesight, which generated a big headache very similar to the one I got when I left my house without drinking my morning coffee, so I felt the glory of my revenge.

I remembered a saying that revenge is a dish best eaten cold and that was my sweet revenge.

And so ends my creative writing this week, I must confess that it is a fictional story, but I really enjoyed imagining my revenge.

Pictures of my property taken with my Xiaomi Redmi 9 A cell phone, to document my creative story, I used the translator DeepL to translate my story because I don't speak English and I used the InShop App for the cover photo.

I'm @yelimarin and we'll read each other next weekend.

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