Love with coffee to activate happy hormones


Humanity is going through a health crisis, worldwide, a new dangerous virus has appeared, called covid-19, there are many outbreaks that started from the country of China in the city of Wuhan. This disease is spreading in several countries around the world, at the same time affecting thousands of people on all continents, causing a number of deaths that, as of today, continues to rise, which is why health authorities are looking for solutions to stop this virus and mainly prevent it.

Because of this, people have been kept in quarantine, since its main objective is to ensure that, in the event that the person had been infected, do not transmit the infection to others, on the other hand, this confinement has caused people from home are attentive to the constant information and as a result of this there is greater anxiety, with immediate effects on our mental health, nervousness, panic attacks, sadness, which is worse, because there are more drastic consequences with this symptom because the immune system is lowered and that is when we need to increase it to prevent or combat this deadly disease.

Chris was a man who has always been dedicated to science, since he was a child he always focused on wanting to be a famous scientist, he started with his gentle experiments at home, where he developed his skills at school, until he specialized at the university, so it was innate in him, to apply from the simple to the complicated antidotes to activate some hormones.

Concerned about the situation of the country, and in view that there were many contagions and deaths, he wondered if there was something else to improve prevention, avoid more deaths and cope with this flaccidity that has the world upside down, since it has mainly affected us psychologically, it was from there that he concentrated.

One day in his laboratory where he spent long hours of the night and as always did not miss his cup of coffee, he read carefully on his computer an alarming information, that the mortality rate had increased, and that many people were in panic where families were dying and invaded a lot of sadness.

Chris was such a coffee fanatic that he had bought coffee seeds from a greenhouse some time ago and planted them in his home. One morning very early he went to his daily routine, to take care of his coffee plantation in his big garden, he looked minutely at one of the plants that was already well grown and flowered where he noticed something strange, he noticed that the grain of it was shaped like a brain, he was very happy and his ingenuity came out and he began to experiment a formula with it as the main ingredient, where he will activate Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, which are the chemicals of happiness that stimulate the brain naturally.

While it is true that people are anguished, because they are aware that the virus is deadly and that it is out of their hands to avoid catching it, it would be great to forget about it and maintain a high immune system, this is achieved by having these hormones activated, because in their state of happiness we feel strong and induces as a shield against the virus. Being happy nothing attacks us, because from the positive attitude we have in facing any negative situation, in this case a deadly disease, is the best weapon to fight it.

Although it sounds difficult, because in the midst of this uncertainty, who could be happy, for this reason, that the scientist Chris with the creation of the formula with the coffee bean, which activates these hormones, would help a lot just by drinking the syrup, as it induces people to the state of happiness that is the key to enhance the functions of the immune system, which increases the tranquility by reducing anxiety and stress, and mainly helps prevent diseases. That is why happiness is the important point for both physical and emotional health.

Within days, the coffee syrup was ready, and as a publicly available sample he was able to drink it, so the disease was diminishing until it disappeared thanks to this antidote and Mr. Chris, for the creation of the Happiness Coffee Cocktail.

STB Creative Writing Prompt 19




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