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A warm greeting to all of us who are coffee lovers in this #cinnamoncupcoffee community. "The Coffee Shop Prompt Week 16" and which consists of answering a question that we are asked related to coffee are many sensations when tasting a cup of coffee.


Coffee is that drink that I like so much, it is the one that inspires me to have my day with lots of energy, since I was a child it accompanies me and with its rich smell come the memories of my mother when she used to prepare it for me, now I can't live without it, so I always visit coffee shops when I'm out doing errands or working, it is one of the places that I like the most and I go there.




The cafeteria I visit the most is called "La panetteria ", because it is located in the Traki shopping center, which is more beautiful, big and popular, has many stores, and when I go shopping I always stop here, either with my friends, family, couple or even alone.





I love to come to this place for many reasons, but the main one is that they prepare a good coffee, either hot or cold, it tastes very good, the employee is very friendly and knows how I like it, so it has a good attention and quality in their products.

I can accompany my coffee with a pastry, empanada or pizza and if it provokes me a dessert I order my favorite as in this case the Selva Negra, which is very delicious.



Some time ago I ordered a cold coffee called Frappucino, which draws much attention for its decoration with syrop of choclate, pirulin, red cherries and almonds, while I was tasting it but I felt that someone was looking at me, a man approached me to ask me what was the name of that ice cream, and I answered is a cafe Frappucino and he was surprised because he did not know about that coffee, he ordered it because he could not stand the temptation.

I have had many stories in this excellent coffee shop, after shopping I stop here or I make a date with my friends or partner, how not to stop in a place that always serve you like at home and having a good coffee.



I found this contest The Coffee Shop Prompt: No. 16 brought to us by the @cinnccf team and I was interested in participating, inviting my friends to this contest @angelica7 @oneray

The Coffee Shop Prompt Week 16


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