Cachapa with coffee tastes good

☕ Hi dear coffee lovers! ☕

A warm greeting to all of us who are coffee lovers in this #cinnamoncupcoffee community. "The Coffee Shop Prompt Week 13" and which consists of answering a question that we are asked related to coffee are many sensations when tasting a cup of coffee.


The visits to different coffee shops have left me with many good experiences, since every time I go to a place like this for my dose of coffee, most of the times they have been good, like tasting the types of coffee, its quality and its accompaniment.


My delirium is coffee, I have my favorites both hot and cold, although I know that I have yet to try it, I like the variety, because that is where the flavor is. The most usual for me is to order coffee with desserts or with types of breads, also in my country it is common to order a coffee with the popular arepas and empanadas made of corn flour, it is a Venezuelan breakfast.


It is true that when I enter a coffee shop I can't help but admire the variety of sweets or desserts that are always on the shelves, there is a variety to choose from, but I will tell you about an experience I had months ago in a coffee shop in my city.

After making a few errands with my boyfriend, we stopped at a coffee shop, we were crazy to have a coffee, when I looked at the menu there was variety but I remembered that my dear niece @lucianav, recommended me a Cachapas that there offered very good and even good price, I hesitated to consume them, since it was mid-afternoon, but my anxiety won more.


Well, I decided for a latte and a cachapas, it was the first time I combined these flavors, because you have to get out of the routine and explore new foods. The Cachapa is a Venezuelan dish based on ground tender corn, it is similar to the pancakes are sweet and can be filled with many ingredients, this is filled with roast pork, Guayanez cheese and avocado, it was delicious and with a rich coffee was the sensation, we were so satisfied that we returned the following week.


I found this contest The Coffee Shop Prompt: No. 13 brought to us by the @cinnccf team and I was interested in participating, inviting my friends to this contest @marivic10 @mariela53

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