Unboxing Coffee Maker, Moka Pot

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Hello coffeeholic...

First time I see Moka Pot in my friend's vlog. She is really love to make coffee by self. I have never seen that kind of stuff before. It's unique I thought.

So from that video I saw the moka pot can make coffee.

I really like the shape of Moka Pot. That is so unique. So I directly looking for that stuff in marketplace then I purchased it.

This Moka Pot actually being famous in Eropa and Amerika. It's also called as Moka Express.

Why that called as express? Cause you no need much time to make a coffee.

For that Moka Pot, I purchases IDR 55K. It's small version. For 1 times brew, you'll get 50 ML ekspresso.


I know that's to small. But I really dont want to purchased over my budget. Hahaha. There's Moka Pot for 100ML with price IDR 200K. It's too ecpensive but someday I'll purchased that version. Cause I still observe, wheter the Moka Pot work for made coffee?

Butthis small stuff is usefull even I just get a little expresso by 1 times brew. It's okay.

Thanks for reading my blog.

All photos and videos taken by Samsung Galaxy A10

Vivie Hardika

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