Coffee, cinnamon and a note for my love 💜☕💚☕

Monday 7:00 AM I suddenly get out of bed after having set the alarm about 5 times, I've been at the same company for 2 years now, coming in at the same time and it's still so hard for me to get up. Half asleep I go immediately to the kitchen to grind my coffee, that's how I like it, freshly ground, besides the smell it emanates is for me even more stimulating than the sips that delight me every day.

I almost go into despair when I notice that my grinder doesn't feel like working. I take 3 deep breaths and rush off to take a quick 5 minute shower, for getting up late is one of the prices I must pay, though I consider that time enough to thoroughly lather up the parts of my body that I always lather up the most in my longer showers.

While the water runs down my body, I keep thinking about how to make my coffee, I have to be in the office at 8:15 AM and before that time there are no coffee shops open. I ask the Universe to enlighten my mind and I convince myself that there is a solution, it doesn't always work for me, but in practical things I have had good results.

I get out of the shower and go back to the kitchen, I look everywhere trying to find something that could be useful to me at that moment.

I was looking for the solution with my eyes and my mind, and presto, I had it, for me it was something very practical and simple:

The grains are placed on a piece of cloth, wrapped in it and beaten with a mallet. My wife was sleeping and is a very heavy sleeper, the noise would not wake her up, she works from home and usually gets up after I leave.


With this technique I thought I would miss the smell of freshly ground coffee the most but at least I was going to be able to drink my precious morning cup.

I began to tap it firmly and dry and immediately the most delicious aroma was released, not the same as when I do it with the grinder, but enough to delight me and make me feel in heaven itself with that delicious fragrance.

I open the cloth to check how the work is going and to my surprise the result looks fantastic, so I did not hesitate to add a piece of cinnamon sticks and grind it with the coffee, I put the water to boil, added 2 tablespoons of the freshly ground powder, turned off the stove, covered for a minute to integrate the flavors, I looked for my cloth strainer and ready I had my coffee served, I added sugar and the first sip made me sigh.


I had already taken care of my coffee, now I had to do something I really hate to do and that was to iron my shirt, I see the time and I was almost at the limit, with how bad I am at ironing I would surely use the 20 minutes I had left just trying to flatten one sleeve of my tiny shirt.

I'm very practical, I thought for a moment about dressing in a wool sweater or something that didn't need ironing, but with how demanding my boss is, surely that day he would look at me with a bad face and get on badly with him, that was a bad idea, really very bad.

I had no choice but to try to perform a miracle and try to quickly iron one of my shirts...

When I opened the closet, at first glance there was one of the ones I like, nicely ironed, with a note that read:

"To make you look prettier, I ironed one of your favorite shirts."


So cute my wife, she is always leaving me beautiful details everywhere, on the contrary, I am usually more careless with those things, but as today I still had enough time to go out, I left her a message in the kitchen, I hope she likes it....


Thank you for reading my participation 😉

Photographs from my personal gallery
Twitter: @verdesmeralda11

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