The cursed coffee beans ☠️

Frederick was getting ready to go out with his friends on Halloween night, while looking in the mirror he applied gel to straighten his brown curls and put on a normal black suit, he accompanied the look with an easy skull makeup, he was a simple man.

When he was ready, he asked his friends by text message what exactly they were going to do, to his surprise Rita and John told him that for reasons beyond their control they could not go out, so Frederick stayed dressed thinking about what he was going to do now. He decided that he was still going to go out on his own and see what he could find.

As he was walking down the street a mist coming from a cemetery that was relatively close to his house caught his attention so he decided to get closer. At the entrance of the cemetery Frederick did not know if he should go inside or stay there, but the mist caught his attention so he went inside little by little until he reached a grave that had "Don't let it happen to you" written on it. This gave him an extreme sense of curiosity so he looked for a shovel in the cemetery's storeroom and began to dig, Frederick knew that desecrating a grave was not right but he could not shake off the feeling of wanting to know what that epitaph meant.

When he managed to reach the bottom where the coffin was, he realized that it was not completely closed and that inside there was a skeleton with a very particular clothing, like a circus jester costume. Frederick was surprised to see that the skeleton had a knife in the area where the heart once was, but the most particular thing was not that, it was the fact that the skeleton had in his left hand a small blue satin bag from which emanated a strong smell of coffee.

As he got closer to the skeleton, Frederick could visualize that the small bag had something engraved on it, something written in a language he was sure was Latin, but he didn't understand Latin, still the bag caught his attention, the smell of coffee was getting stronger and stronger and although he could easily recognize that it was coffee, it was a different coffee smell, one he had never smelled before and it was seducing him.

Frederick's thoughts were revolving around the coffee, what would it taste like? he wondered, would it be as good as it smells?,
Frederick couldn't take it anymore so he decided to take the small bag from the skeleton's hand, chills ran through his entire body, even so he still decided to take the coffee beans, closed the coffin and put the soil in its place.

With the blue satin bag in his hands and determined to go home to try the coffee, Frederick was walking to the entrance of the cemetery when he began to feel dizzy, strange shadows start to appeared around him and quickly vanished, "I'm just scared to be in the cemetery at this hour" he thought, he wasn't going to be scared away by what he believed was a trap of his mind for what he did, so he keep walking home.

Already at home and ready to prepare his much desired coffee, Frederick began to hear voices, at first he did not understand anything, but each time the voices became clearer, "don't take things that are not yours", "you are going to suffer the same fate as him", "return the bag" repeated the voices in a macabre tone, Frederick began to feel very cold, still he was determined to prepare the coffee.

He approached his mother's coffee grinder with the bag full of coffee beans in his hand and when he was going to put the coffee beans in the grinder, a spectral human figure appeared in front of him screaming in what he believed was latin. Frederick paled and became very nervous which caused him to stumble and fall to the ground. "I shouldn't have grabbed the bag, desecrating a grave was already too much, robbing a dead person was excessive," he thought scared.

Frederick was going to tell and show to the spectrum that he was going to return the bag with the coffee beans where he found it, but it was already too late, he had been warned several times before and still didn't listen. The spectrum raised a knife that was on a kitchen shelf in the air and aimed it directly at Frederick's heart, there he perished, with a knife stuck in his heart and the blue satin bag full of coffee beans in his right hand.

Suddenly a circus music began to play out of nowhere, the spectrum that was dressed as master of ceremonies smiled seeing the blue satin bag "my coffee beans" he said, "only mine forever".

Hi there friends 😁, this is my third participation in the #spillthebeans creative writing challenge of the community Cinnamon Cup Coffee. I really liked the prompts in this edition 😊.

I hope you like my story and remember, don't even think of desecrating graves 👁️☠️.

I invite @erigm to participate. ☕

Thanks for reading me🌻

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