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Growing up Elena did not plan to study science and become a scientist, but life took her down that path and to her surprise and delight, not only did she end up liking it, but she is very good at what she does. Thanks to her great talent, Elena was hired by a group of scientists who are dedicated to investigate nature and its benefits, with the intention that she joined the division that dedicated their research to decipher the language of plants and succeeded. This select group wanted Elena to help them decipher what certain specific plants had to say that were a little complicated to understand. Among those plants was a plant very dear to many, since it produces a very special bean that generates a drink loved by mankind. Yes, we are talking about the coffee plant, whose original name is Coffea. Elena is not only a good scientist and has a great resume working with nature, but she also loves coffee with a lot of passion, so she enthusiastically accepted the job, she would love to know what this fantastic creation of nature has to tell us.

Already in the facilities where the group of scientists works, Elena met the whole team and had some time to settle in. Once settled, she was quickly taken to a room full of coffee plants, which from now on would be her assigned workplace, she would be in charge of the care, analysis and attempts of conversations (which she hoped would be successful) with this particular plant. The room was simple, but beautiful, there were many wooden tables and glass cabinets with coffee plants in different states of evolution. Elena took the time to greet each of the plants warmly, she also introduced herself and stroked their leaves, she took her work very seriously.

The first few days Elena dedicated herself to gaining the trust of the plants, which she did successfully and it was demonstrated, as the plants since her arrival were much more beautiful, grew faster and were generating a lot of coffee beans. When she perceived the good connection that had been created between her and the plants, Elena moderately began to talk to them, to see if she could get some kind of response. In order to find out if the plants were indeed talking, Elena carefully studied a manual that was given to her at the research center, which explains that plants communicate by moving their leaves very subtly in different directions (something like a symbolic sign language). Many times the movement is so subtle that it is not perceived with the naked eye, you have to look closely at the plant to really notice that it is indeed talking and moving voluntarily.

Elena was a very patient person, so she didn't despair if the plants didn't talk, she would accept it and try again the next day. As the one who waits, God will reward, eventually the day came. The first plant to talk to Elena was one that she met as one of the smallest plants in the place, so she had the opportunity to see it grow. The plant that Elena called "Latte", emitted its first word to her, subtly moving one of its leaves located on the right side, what it said was "thank you". Elena had a few tears of emotion, not only had one of her plants spoken, but the first thing that was said to her was "thank you".

Elena wrote down everything that happened in detail in her report book, but not before caressing and giving a kiss to the adorable Latte, who at Elena's gesture said "thank you" again. The following days the other plants began to talk as well, possibly encouraged by Latte and Elena's cute and genuine interaction. Each plant said different things with different depth, things like "hello", "I want water", "I need more soil", "what are you doing?", were some of the things the plants liked to say the most, which Elena found very funny. Elena was very happy, however, her attention was being directed to a plant that was not yet talking to her, the plant that in fact was the oldest of them all and had the name "Coffiuna".

Coffiuna was very beautiful and abundant, but she was still not interested in speaking, so Elena began to dedicate extra time to get her to speak, as she thought that what Coffiuna had to say could be very interesting, and so it was. The day Coffiuna decided to speak came, it took time, but it was achieved. Being the oldest of all the coffee plants, her knowledge was broader and she could even strike up a conversation. Elena was fascinated and, she was even more fascinated, after Coffiuna said some beautiful words to her on a day when she was sad.

"Humans and plants are not so different, both living beings need care to flourish and bear fruit, don't neglect yourself for others, love yourself and take care of yourself" were Coffiuna's words to Elena, words that Elena would never forget. Nor would she forget that Coffiuna told her that although she knew that the coffee beans they produced were delicious, she should moderate her consumption in order not to fall into excesses and she could be a little calmer, plus she told her ways on how to prepare coffee better. There are things Elena would write down in her book of reports and others she would simply take with her wherever she went...💚

I chose Prompt 2: Scientists have found a way to decipher the language of plants. With this new revelation, you study what coffee plants have to say. What messages do they have for the world?

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