A fortunate mistake ✨

Anya wants to make a change in her life, you know what people say "new year, new life". She has been saving for some time and since she is a simple person she doesn't spend a lot of money in general. One day she looked around and realized that the apartment where she was living rented was already very old and had many things in bad condition, so she thought it was time to move with the money she had saved, she could even afford to buy an apartment, so why not do it?.

Motivated, she started looking for apartments until she found a studio type apartment that she loved because it had a very bohemian and cozy style. Anya was very excited to have been able to concrete the purchase with the seller of the apartment, so she decided to celebrate the moment by having a Mocaccino in her favorite coffee shop, then she went to the old apartment to pack her belongings, she did not have much so it was easy to store her things, now she only had to call a moving agency and she could start living in her new apartment that was her own, thinking that made her smile automatically, she finally had her own home.

The next day the moving service arrived with one of their trucks and stored all her boxes. Anya handed over the apartment to the lady who rented it to her and they said their goodbyes very affectionately. Anya decided to go out first to her new apartment and wait for the moving truck, when the truck arrived, they quickly unloaded the boxes and brought them up to Anya's apartment, she was so excited that she didn't realize that the truck was not her truck and that those boxes were not her boxes, but she would realize that in a few minutes.

Before starting to unpack, Anya made herself a delicious cup of coffee with milk and sat down on the floor to relax first, when she finished she got straight to work and with a cutter she started to open the boxes, that's when she realized that the moving service had made a mistake and those were not her belongings.

Anya was surprised, but she remained calm, she simply thought of contacting the moving company to fix the mistake, but before doing so, curiosity got the better of her and she started to check what was in the boxes that had accidentally fallen into her hands. Little by little she went through box by box and realized that there were many materials and instruments for making coffee, as well as men's clothing, so she came to the conclusion that the boxes must belong to a barista, something that fascinated her, because she loves coffee and actually she has a crush on one of the baristas who prepares the coffee in her favorite coffee shop.

When she finished looking through the boxes, she closed them again and called the moving company to solve the problem. The company apologized, what had happened was that someone else was moving into the same building as her and used the same moving service, so they got the trucks mixed up. Anya accepted the apology, she had no problem and in fact was glad to know that she was going to have what she thought was a barista as a neighbor.

When the company trucks arrived, the workers told Anya to go downstairs to exchange her belongings, when she went downstairs she was surprised to see the man with whom they had confused her belongings, because not only was she right in thinking he was a barista, but he was nothing more and nothing less than the guy she liked who worked in the coffee shop. A little nervous Anya approached him and they exchanged boxes quickly, everything was solved and nothing bad happened. Before going upstairs, the man tapped her on the shoulder and smiling introduced himself as Adrien, told Anya that he was glad she was his neighbor because he had seen her before at the coffee shop and loved to see her smile as she drank the coffee he made. Anya couldn't believe it and blushed, she noticed that Adrien was also a little embarrassed and then together they helped each other organize their respective apartments.

Since that day, Anya and Adrien became inseparable and you can imagine what happened next. Who would have thought that a simple moving mistake could become the beginning of a beautiful love story.

Thanks for reading me 🌻

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