Coffee Is Life

Hello everyone! I hope you will be well and good.

As we know that global warming has become a severe issue everywhere in the whole world. And I am a student of the agricultural university and I am doing my research about the global warming effects on plants and how we can save them.


And plants are dying due to these circumstances of global warming, and coffee plants are one of these who have been affected badly and the production of coffee has reduced, which is a problem for the people who use it and mostly for them who do their business to earn their livelihood. Yesterday a delegation of different people came to my university by the government for help to save the plants from this global warming and the coffee plants were one of them. Basically it was requested by the farmers by the government reference.

So after listening to this great problem the university gave us a project to do research and to save the coffee plants from global warming so that people can use it in future and can get the benefits of it. As I was doing research about the global warming effects and finding the ways to save the plants from global warming. So keeping in view the university department made me head of this project and I started my work.


My team members were collecting different samples and working hard as well as I was also doing my best. We were spending our whole time in the laboratory. So after doing a lot of research our team was ready to perform an experiment of making some magical coffee plants which will be able to bear the upcoming global warming effects and they will bear it nicely. So we prepared such magical plants and they were growing in a better way than the previous ones. But still it was not the solution because we had to save the previous plants that were not growing and not giving effective production.


So in order to save those plants I got an idea of making artificial clouds and to arrange artificial rain 🌧️ so that the atmosphere can become moderate and the plants of coffee can grow. But we didn't have such technology yet to make the artificial clouds. So now we were worried and it was the biggest challenge. This idea came to my mind but I was unable to create those clouds.

So now the interesting thing happened, now the next thing was done magically, the artificial clouds, and the rain was done with some magic. My grandfather was a great magician at that time. So I went there and he claimed that he could do rain and could bring clouds and make the environment moderate. I was laughing, how is it possible? But he said I can do it. Then I thought that I was at the right place. So firstly I asked him to show me an example of his magic of bringing the artificial clouds and rain. He said I will show you first if all sits and have a coffee with me then I will show you.

After having the coffee we went outside the home but he said I will not tell anyone else because it is just a secret. So he started trying it and his magic worked really well and my eyes were opened and I was stunned there. Suddenly the winds were blowing, and the clouds were there and the weather became moderate and the rain started. I requested that please do it to save the coffee plants which are currently facing the global warming effects and are not growing well and not giving production.

He said that it's just my secret and I can't do it for you because these powers are my secret and if I reveal them then these powers may leave me and I'll not be able to do it again. But on the other hand I told him clearly that if you do not sacrifice them there will be no coffee as the beans of the coffee are going to be rotten. And he was a coffee lover as well. So he said that he will sacrifice to save the coffee for the world.


So I brought him to the coffee farms and he spilled the beans of coffee in the sky and a magic happened there and again the weather became suitable for the coffee plants and after spilling the beans the rotten beans of the coffee also became healthy. So my grandfather helped me to save the coffee plants from the global warming effects.

And for the future we have already made magical plants which will be able to bear the severe global warming effects. But still it was a secret that how it happened that all the coffee plants became healthy and the global warming effects were also decreased to a bearable level.

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Yours: @uop

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