Take Us With You

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Take Us With You

The coffee plantations seemed to call Dayana from afar, like music that danced slowly to her ears. It was like a spell, which only made her think of all the wonders she could see in that greenhouse.

It was only recently that they moved into the neighborhood, and since then, it was very strange, as simply the place just appeared there. The greenhouse was beautiful at night, it was lit up with vibrant lights that looked magical.

Dayana watched it from the window and dreamed of it; walking through a seeming maze of coffee plantations. One day, she went out with her friend Leiah to chat in a nearby coffee shop. Suddenly on the floor, someone left a baby's clothes. Dayana looked at it closely and memories began to cloud her mind.

She was once pregnant and engaged to a seemingly good man, but Dayana's pregnancy became complicated and she had to have an abortion to save her. Since then she can no longer have children.

Her fiancé left her because, more than the love he supposedly had for Dayana, he wanted to start a family. That devastated her for several years until she was finally able to recover, but the traumas are still there.

Leíah, seeing the trance her friend was in, took the baby clothes and asked in the cafeteria who they belonged to. Dayana woke up from the memories that clouded her and asked her friend to go somewhere else.

As they walked, Dayana looked disoriented and sad. The smile she wore never resurfaced again.

"Are you okay, friend?" Leiah asked Dayana.

"Yeah..., I mean, I'm just a little tired." Leiah knew Dayana was lying, however, he said no more. He just wrapped his arm around her and rested his head on her shoulder to try to convey encouragement.

Suddenly, and without realizing it, they passed the front of the greenhouse. Dayana was listening to beautiful music coming from there, she was petrified.

"What a beautiful melody, don't you think?" Dayana said.

"Melody?" Leiah asked confused. "I don't hear anything."

"But if it's clearer than water, how come you don't hear it?"

Leiah shrugged at her friend's question. Dayana stared at the entrance to the greenhouse, made of beautiful shiny brown wood, resembling a coffee drink.

"Girlfriend, I have to go now, shall I walk you home?" Leiah asked.

"Don't worry, you're going to be very late," Dayana assured. They said goodbye with a few words and a hug.

The music began to raise its pitch for Dayana, and it was so captivating, she couldn't resist and peek out the door to the greenhouse. The doors opened on their own, as if by remote control.

The interior was beautiful, the structure was held up with wooden supports and the roof was made entirely of glass. To Dayana, the architecture looked like something out of a fairy tale.

Rows of coffee trees rested to the sides, opening extensive paths, something impossible for Dayana's comprehension because from the outside the greenhouse did not look so big. She heard a noise and found its source. She found a plump old woman grinding coffee beans in an antique polished bronze grinder. The old woman looked at her and smiled.

"So you're the one they've been calling." Said the old woman.

"Excuse me?"

"The coffee beans. You heard the music, didn't you?" Dayana became more confused.

"They've been calling you for quite a while, but the pain you carry forced you to resist, so that's why you hadn't come." Dayana stared at the old woman dumbfounded as if she were facing fright.

"Here they are." The old woman shows a small sack in her hand. "Ready for you to take them. They're anxious to go with you."

"But, I..."

"You don't have to pay me anything. They're yours, they belong to you. Just plant them in a good pot. They'll thank you more than you'll thank them."

Dayana didn't know why, but the old woman's words made sense to her. It was as if that situation had already happened to her, perhaps in a dream or in reality. Still, she thanked the old woman for the gift and left.

When he got home, he looked for his grandmother's special pot. She cleaned it very well and then dug some soil from the yard. He watered it and placed it in the sun. Every day that passed, the seeds germinated very quickly, which surprised and made Dayana happy.

A week later, at night, Dayana had an anxiety attack. Before arriving home, she saw a woman holding a baby. That revived her pain. Dayana was very excited about becoming a mother and remembering again everything she experienced, she burst into tears.

She took a sleeping pill and tried to calm down, while her moans and tears ran unchecked. The next day, Dayana woke up hearing a giggling sound next to her. When she opened her eyes wide, she noticed that there was a baby next to her. His skin was cinnamon colored just like hers and he carried dazzling brown eyes.

Dayana was a little surprised, but then she held the baby in her arms and began to smell and feel its warmth. She had never felt so good in her life. She looked out the window and noticed that her grandmother's flower pot was in pieces as if it had exploded. Then she looked at the greenhouse and, surprised, realized that the place was gone.


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