Nightingale coffee shop.


Hello friends. How is yours today? Is everything going well with you? Today I would like to introduce to you a coffee shop I love every time I go back to my hometown. I chose this place as a rendezvous with my old friends.



From now on, there is no need to go to Da Lat anymore, but even Can Tho can enjoy coffee while looking at the beautiful daisies. Coming to the cafe, you will immediately feel the atmosphere of the coffee shops in Da Lat with a lovely campus, filled with flowers and leaves, an ideal virtual background for photography enthusiasts.





The shop has an address at 51A9A Tran Nam Phu Street, An Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho. The way to the shop is also quite easy to find, you can go from alley 51, 3/2 street to cross the bridge, Can Tho University, then turn left, run 100m, look to the left to see the shop. Coming here, there will be a guard to guide the parking, because it's outdoors, I have to cover the car when it's sunny for me, every day it rains, the security guard will also put his hat on, too cute


Forget the feeling of fatigue, hustle and bustle of daily life, Nightingale Coffee Shop brings a feeling of comfort and ease to anyone who comes here. The shop has a light space, so you can spend a good time alone with friends, or simply forget the fatigue of work and life.




A cafe you can go to gather friends, study, read books, date. The space of the restaurant is designed with all kinds of tables from single tables to double tables suitable for many types of objects. Especially, each table has its own power outlet, so it's very convenient




The cafe shop not only meticulously takes care of the space but also focuses on the drinks. The menu has a variety of familiar drinks such as coffee, milk tea, soda... priced at 0.3$ suitable for students.




Visiting the shop on the weekend will mingle in the melodious and romantic acoustic melodies with famous bands in Can Tho such as Moc Band, Fox Band... Every Sunday night, when coming to the shop, you can enjoy a sip. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee while being immersed in the soothing acoustic music space. Just thinking about it makes me feel a little peaceful here.




The shop has many spaces for you to choose from, both a cool space outside and many check-in corners inside. The shop has a very impressive style, seemingly in a corner of Da Lat. A place with a peaceful space, sitting and sipping a cup of tea and some cakes. The most beautiful area in the restaurant is the garden around the restaurant. Where there are blooming mimosa trees, surrounded by many green trees. What's better than wearing a beautiful dress and taking pictures of all kinds?.

Thank you for reading my post. Have a nice day and good health.!

This post is 100% written by me, and the pictures are taken by me with my iPhone 7. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I hope it helps you to relieve some stress at work and feel comfortable reading them. Wishing you a lot of health and joy in life. If you like you can reblog to let everyone know about this place. Thanks a lot.😊



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