Coffee with beer. Week 42

A necessary introduction

2023 was a year in which I continued to enjoy the pleasures of one of my favorite beverages: Coffee.

Thanks to the Cinnamon Cup Coffee community I visited some of these wonderful places known as Cafeterias, where, in addition to doing the challenges and initiatives that we were asked to do, I was able to enjoy drinks prepared in those places, learn more about the wonders of coffee and share with friends and co-workers about this very special beverage.

However, whenever I arrived at some of these coffee shops that had the two beverages that I love to drink together, people were always surprised or surprised when they saw me mixing these two liquids that have no elements in common other than their liquid state.

A mixture of beverages that seems strange to people

I must say that not in all the coffee shops I visited during the year I was able to order these drinks and be able to prepare my favorite mix with them. However, when I get to a place that sells coffee and there is this other drink I ask for it too and I drink that mixture that for me is very stimulating.

Surely you are wondering what is this drink that I ask for to mix with coffee or better said to go with coffee and that seems strange to people.

Coffee with Beer or a CC

I can't stop it, it's an unstoppable desire that forces me to order a CC, because that's how I named this combination that consists of a cup of coffee and a beer. I have to admit that people have always been very fond of this combination and I understand them. It must be that the beer is cold and the coffee is hot because I must say that I like the beer to be cold and the coffee hot.

The funny thing is that not only in a coffee shop I ask for the CC, as I baptized it, because at home, when we do an activity or we are in an exchange between friends I make this mixture of drinks that for me is perfect and very comforting.

Several people have asked me why I order these two drinks to accompany each other. I really do not know how to explain in words, but I like them both the most, the coldness of one and the warmth of the other complement each other and in my palate they both play to make my life happy. When I combine these two drinks I feel an inner strength that cheers me up and brightens my character in a way that my health is grateful for. You may think that happens with several beers. The answer is no. One beer with a cup of coffee is enough to brighten my day in the most incredible way you can imagine.

Note: The photos were taken with my Samsung J2 phone.

The translator used was DeepL Translate.

CC: This is the name I gave to this blend of Coffee with Beer.

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