ARABICA GAYO ICE: favorite type of coffee at lawson station

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Hello, coffee lovers...
I really miss my coffee friend who has now moved to Bandung. Previously, we used to meet once a week and enjoy coffee at the nearby Lawson Station while sharing stories with each other. Coffee, cool friends, and chats that are always just things that can relieve a little pressure due to the hectic work in the office like my friend, or because of the working time and lack of sleep, like me.

Lawson Station UIN Jakarta is our favorite place for both of us. Because here is the nearest Lawson Station outlet from where I live.

Arabica Gayo Ice


For bartenders or coffee lovers, you must be familiar with Gayo coffee. Coffee, which was once number one in the world, does have a distinctive taste.

Too much information: no one in my family likes coffee. My late father was very fond of tea, my mother and sister also loved tea.

After meeting with friends in the theater community and the women's community, I was introduced to Gayo coffee by an activist and feminist woman, Teh Dewi Nova. Teh Dewi Nova, who was born and grew up in a coffee factory, knows very well how to make good coffee. And so, she introduced Gayo Wine to me.

First impression? Of course great!

Since then, I think I'll still love Gayo arabica in any form! LOL.

Back to topic!

So, Lawson also has Arabica coffee. Hot Arabica Gayo or Arabica Gayo Ice. For Lawson Station, I really like Arabica Gayo. Even though it is mixed with cream and palm sugar, Lawson's dose does not disguise the original taste of Gayo Arabica. One cup of Gayo Arabica is priced at IDR 18k, but at Lawson there is often a coffee discount of IDR 10k.

IMG20210822165005 (1).jpg

Besides coffee, Lawson also provides a variety of other drinks, such as; ice honey yuzu, ice matcha latte, ice caramel vanilla, ice coffee latte, ice choco meteor, ice miss marie, and ice milosaurus.

My favorite weird combination


Lawson Station, in addition to providing various snacks and drinks like franchises in general, Lawson also provides fast food such as oden, onigiri, grilled sausage, udon noodles, and various bento.


What weird menu combinations do you like?

At Lawson I love to enjoy as dark as iced arabica gayo and packets of udon with a spicy broth. Actually, I feel like I'm drinking coffee with instant noodles. Because the taste of oden broth is similar to instant noodles with chicken broth flavor. LOL.

IMG20210822165955 (1).jpg

Due to the pandemic, Lawson Station is not accepting dine-in customers. All customers are advised to take their food home and eat at home. To comply with this health procedure, I also ordered Gayo Arabica ice and an udon package containing; fish stick, lobster ball, rolled somay, chikuwa jumbo, and odeng. One package of udon is priced at IDR 37K. But, I bought it when the promo price was IDR 29K.


So, can we sit together, exchange stories over a cup of coffee?

All pictures were taken with Oppo Reno 5f


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