RE: CLOSED - Coffee Conversation (May 6-8)

Pressing the Air

Hi everyone , my favorite brewing method is AeroPress, this pressed coffee brewing tool is very easy to carry in a bag anywhere because of its simple shape and simple to use - to brew yourself at home also has its own fun, because we can explore the various ways of brewing with this tool, fast and not complicated that's in short you can also make espresso with this tool, making milk coffee at home will be easy and don't need to be confused about how to espresso, just press it!

Speaking of flavors, Aeropress has unique brewing characteristics starting from a "body" that has enough mouth feel, aroma and strong flavor. Aeropress is suitable for coffee lovers with a sharp / bold taste. It's quite practical and efficient to pause from work to brew coffee and then get back to work while enjoying your cup of coffee :)

photo fx inspired by @millycf1976 😅

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