Flavored Coffee made in USA Review

Hello coffee lovers from all around the world. This time I am trying out a flavored coffee made in the USA. img_2317 USA??? California? Hawaii? I thought to myself when I saw this one, so I did a little research (visited they website) and found out, that they use is 100% Arabica coffee imported from South America. But it is roasted, flavoured and packed in the USA.


I had no choice but to buy a large 900g pack, because I found it in one of the outlets - they might never have it again once they sold out. When I opened the pack, strong mixed aroma of nuts and coffee filled the kitchen and I could sense it in the air for a very long time after sealing the package.
After a few seconds, I felt vanilla as well, but I would say that the hazelnut is dominant here. I decided to make it with a french coffee press. Brewed around 7 min., using the recommended amount of coffee (tablespoon) and water (177ml)


I got darkish brown coffee:
From the first sip, you can feel a strong nutty taste. It feels like there are some hazelnut shells in a mix, which give a little bitterness (it’s very hard to see in the grind if there’s bits of nuts or shells), but creamy vanilla compliments it very well. It leaves a sweetish, buttery aftertaste in your mouth. Personally, I would like to taste more coffee itself, but this coffee was made for nut lovers, so I guess that was all the point. Next time I will try to brew it stronger, but I think hazelnuts will take over the taste pallet anyway.

To summer up my experience, I would say, that this coffee has a very intense aroma and taste. First comes a slightly bitter nutty taste, followed by sweetish, buttery vanilla, leaving a pleasant aftertaste which stays very long in your mouth.

In the end, I am still glad that I brought it, but the amount of coffee, in my opinion, could be half of this pack at least. I sealed it properly and probably gonna have twice or so in a week, since taste is so intense. It’s good to have it for a change and for surprising your guests with something new and different.

What do you think about flavoured coffee? Do you have your favourite? Or maybe you are flavouring it yourself? Would be interesting to hear your opinion on this topic, please, feel free to comment😊

Thank you for reading my review and enjoy your coffee hivers ☕️!!! 😀

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