RE: CLOSED - Coffee Conversation (May 6-8)

Coffee in the traditional style

Hello, my dear friends, what a pleasure to find this fabulous initiative of a pleasant conversation about how you prepare coffee.
Actually I have modified a little my usual procedure about this methodology, but I will tell you how I learned to make my coffee when I was a child.
I remember that at home they would put a specific pot, which was only used for the coffee. They would wait for it to boil and when the water was at boiling point, they would simply add the spoonfuls of sugar and finally the coffee, they would let it boil for 5 more minutes and then they would turn it off and let it rest and serve it with great care so as not to get the seat.

When I got married I routinely continued with this process, until one day one of my sisters came to visit me and gave me a coffee strainer so we wouldn't have to wait to enjoy our delicious cup of coffee.

Today I also have my favorite pot and I simply add 3 spoonfuls of sugar and one and a half spoonfuls of coffee to the boiling water, then I strain it and enjoy it as I do every day at different times.

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