Today pumpkin jam on bread with a tasty and fruity delta coffee to fill our spirits

Hello community, here I am for one more day to share my delight with a very fragrant coffee and of course it could not but be today I committed a small sin.
When I went to see what could accompany my coffee
I saw this beautiful pumpkin sweet that my api made a few years ago and it's still here but it's delicious I try not to see too much otherwise I've already eaten it all.
Coffee is a delta as it could not but be very aromatic and fragrant that fills our soul.
Then the bread is loaf bread without a crust, well spread with this delicious recipe that I'm going to teach you.


Let's see what we need for this candy:


1-1 kg of shelled pumpkin, and cut into medium pieces
2-2 sugar tea containers
1 cinnamon stick or 2
3 or 5 cloves for those who like it
Fresh or dried grated coconut to taste, but often it doesn't take.



Step by step
First, put the pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon and cloves together in a large pot.

Then take it to cook on a low heat with the covered pan.

Let's not forget to stir always and mash it with a wooden spoon to break up the pumpkin into small pieces. When it is well cooked, remove the cinnamon and cloves, and add the coconut for whoever likes it.

Let it settle a little longer and turn off the heat.

Hello community, I'm Ricardo Estrela, I'm from Portugal and I love coffee and you make traditional coffee at my house and see that morning smell and aroma of coffee made by us.
I'm a big fan of hive and peakd although I'm still taking my first steps in this world of posts.
I hope you like it and I'm always trying to improve.Thank you for accepting me in your community.

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