My warm coffee with cookies on an autumn day.

Hello community, everything is fine.
Today I leave my work a little earlier and I was a little tired on top of that today is Friday and I'm still going to work all night next and look what I remembered.
I got home and when I open my cupboard I immediately see a very good soluble coffee that I usually make this time, it's not from Delta, it was one I bought a little while ago to try it too.
In the meantime I start to look well and I see some really appetizing biscuits that caught my attention with cream inside and I'll tell you something these biscuits wet in my coffee are delicious.
I hope you like it and try it out in your house because it really is really good.

As you can see the brand of my coffee is Nescafé and it is really good and now in the middle of the afternoon it tastes really good. cold and hot coffee with these biscuits is really something divine.
Good friends, after sharing this tip for you to do in your homes, now is the time to continue enjoying this delight that is a unique moment that I have to enjoy.
I hope you're all well and don't forget any breaks wherever you go, it's always good to have our coffee.

And once again share your coffee delights, which is so I can also try it at my house and all together we will make this community grow through our pleasure for coffee.



Hello community, I'm Ricardo Estrela, I'm from Portugal and I love coffee and you make traditional coffee at my house and see that morning smell and aroma of coffee made by us.
I'm a big fan of hive and peakd although I'm still taking my first steps in this world of posts.
I hope you like it and I'm always trying to improve.Thank you for accepting me in your community.

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