A delicious ice cream in my country with a special coffee sauce

Hello community, as you are today, I want to share something special with you, something that is a delicious coffee topping on top of an extremely tasty ice cream that is served in a pub in my country, which for me is one of the most beautiful villages in the Ribatejo region of Portugal.
this ice cream or this mixture of ice cream on top washed down with this intesndo coffee cream which makes a very good contrast between the sweet and cold ice cream and the flavor and aroma of coffee.

As a community, let's learn the coffee cream that is made in my land to cover this special ice cream.

Let's see the ingredients we need to make this delicious coffee.

1- a small coffee spoon of dark chocolate
2- 4 tablespoons of sugar.
3-4 or 5 teaspoons of coffee, very strong and very hot.
4- A little starch
5- some cold milk
6 Ice cream which means ice cream

Heat the chocolate, sugar and coffee over a low heat, but stir constantly until it melts.
We have to break up the starch part in a little cold milk and add to the previous preparation, stir always equally.
Finally, take it off the heat and we can sprinkle our ice cream with this special coffee cream that is a delight for the whole family and friends.


Now some images of my land taken by me in this beautiful land where we can taste this beautiful ice cream with a magnificent view over the river and a natural landscape in the interior of Portugal.




Hello community, I'm Ricardo Estrela, I'm from Portugal and I love coffee and you make traditional coffee at my house and see that morning smell and aroma of coffee made by us.
I'm a big fan of hive and peakd although I'm still taking my first steps in this world of posts.
I hope you like it and I'm always trying to improve.Thank you for accepting me in your community.

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