morning coffee with home-made cheesecakes


A disclaimer: this post may make you salivating. Not necessarily, but its still possible. Dont go any further if you dont have a few emergency cakes at your hand... and dont complain you weren't warned!

Ok, all of this happened in the morning, but I didnt have notebook access till the late evening, and then I ventured into Hive commenting and congratulating with the successfull #HPUD, and it went in rounds and rounds... Just in the middle of the night I finished editing of selected photos (part 1), and I am not sure I will be able to complete the post today. Too sleepy for that. But I will try!


Yesterday we obtained at the market some homemade cottage cheese, and the idea of having coffee with cheesecakes for breakfast arose and gained strength in our minds. Of course, this is not 'mission impossible', and my wife coped with the task, although ... but I will not get ahead of myself.


This is the end of the story: our cups are filled with coffee, cheesecakes are served and topped with condensed milk, ready to use.


My wife and I settled down on the veranda of our hacienda. While the coffee was cooling down, I quickly, without thinking much about the composition of the shot, harvested some photos with a wide-angle lens.


By the way, in the background of the photo you can see two hammocks hanging. In the morning the sun is especially hot on that side of the veranda, so we settled at the opposite end. But our evening coffee or tea we prefer to drink exactly swinging in those hammocks.


My wife's cup. The mini-table is made from a sawn birch trunk that once grew in our place.


And this is my cup. Nothing special, but I prefer the simple, strict design and rectangular shapes. Sometimes I do like whimsical shapes and unusual designs, too -- such as Japanese-style icing, for example. But in the country house I use simple cups. I have a set of two: if one is used for tea or coffee, the other can be occupied by milk or cider.


Daisies are not included in the serving set ... but I varied the photos. There were no objections nor from coffee, neither from my wife!


This did not cause any particular damage to nature or environment, because we have LOADS of daisies growing at our site (proof pic).


At the beginning of the post, I mentioned the condensed milk topping - and this really was an obligatory part. Honey also goes well with this yummy, but today I preferred condensed milk.


Arent you salivating by now?
I told you will be!


Perhaps now is the time to round off my post and show you the end of this story -- cups stained with coffee grounds 😜 But no! Instead, now I'd rather show you the beginning of this story.


These cheesecakes were so wonderful, so tantalizing, inviting... that I couldn't stop taking pictures. But eventually I stopped... somehow.


OK. Enough cheesecakes. After all, this is still a post in the Coffee Community, and not somewhere else. And I don't forget it for a minute.

In the summer house we cook on a small electric stove (see the photo above). It is not too much powerful. And if one thing is being prepared, then the next dish patiently waits in line.


Fortunately, this does not apply to coffee - because we do not prepare coffee on this stove. Coffee is prepared according to a lazy simplified technology.


What is needed for this? First, the actual coffee (finely ground). We have a supply of such finely ground coffee. In rural conditions I have to give up the pleasure of grinding coffee in a mill right before brewing it...

Secondly, we need sugar (I prefer to brew coffee with sugar, in my opinion this has a positive effect on its taste). But of course, you should not put a lot of sugar - a 1: 1 ratio is already quite a lot, it is better to put a little less sugar.

Of course, we need water ... (we pump water from our well). There could be a photo of our well here, but I already want to go to bed. If you are interested, ask - I will show in the comment section.

No spices...

And most importantly, you need an electric kettle and electricity to boil water. We have all this; more precisely, we usually have it - sometimes we have powercuts and blackouts too (planned and unplanned). And in such emergencies, I boil water at a fireplace...

Actually, that's all! The lazy way of brewing coffee in a cup means that coffee, sugar and boiling water are combined in the cup and the coffee is left to infuse / mature for 6-8-10 minutes (with or without a cup lid ). And then comes the happy ending to the story! (See the start of the post). I hope that you safely read it to the end and did not die of hunger or severe coffee insufficiency. Best wishes!

location: St.Petersburg, Russia July 2022 natural light
camera/lens: Canon 5D 16-35mm raw-conv
f/2.8 t 1/125 ISO 125 --


All images taken by me, copyright (c) @qwerrie
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