I love it hot on wet days

Everyone has their way of dealing with things and we all have what we like doing when a new season comes up. Some people love the cold weather because it will make them feel cool while some love the hot weather because it makes them feel good.

Here in my country, the weather is always hot and despite that some of us like eating hot food. Naturally, I don't like anything food. I don't enjoy them like I do with hot food and spicy food.

To answer the question, yes I love my coffee more when it is raining because during that time I get to drink it very hot and it will definitely take away my cold. I get cold when exposed to air even under hot weather so eating something hot is what is best for me, I love my coffee hot or warm any time any day even under hot weather.

There was a time I tried cold coffee because my fiance loved it chilled so I was covetous to take it with him and in the end I didn't like the taste. The coldness didn't allow me to feel the real taste of the coffee. Meanwhile hot coffee keeps my body system awake and it brings out the original taste when it's hot.

When the rain starts here in my country, Everywhere is always cold and even the floor tile in my house will be cold so I wouldn't want to take something cold under such weather. Like I said before I love my coffee hot because the hot coffee tastes better to me than the cold one, so drinking hot coffee during the rainy season is the best thing for me since that's what works for me.

Drinking hot coffee during the rainy season gives me more energy, and it gives me good vibes because when it rains the weather will make me feel lazy and the more I get cold the more it kills my vibes to do things, even going out will be very difficult for me but once I have my hot coffee in the morning, I feel lighted up and my mood will be good to do whatever I wanted to do for the day.

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