Dreaming, Saving, and Cafe Sa Bukid

I smiled uncomfortably when my partner decided I had to give up coffee to save enough money to buy a house. And I was starting to wish that I had never heard his words. He checked our bank accounts and gave me a disappointed smile. I had fumbled for words. How can we do it? I wondered if I could live without coffee, but the situation was hard enough.

“Uh, why don't you sit, think, select what you like and be right back when you are ready to order at the counter?” The barista said severely. I felt emotionless for a while, so I remained quiet, for I was still bothered. I silently nodded, remembering my husband’s words, “Love, this is your last moment at the coffee shop. You must understand that we must save money for our dream house.” I was doing my best to conceal the relief of having a cause to leave the counter while my partner was waiting at the table.

I moved to the cafe's rear and sat down on the bench in the far corner, out of sight. My ears were unbearably heated. I couldn't help but feel a little more at ease when the aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeated my nose. Finding this coffee shop tucked away from the rest of the world so timely for cold season drinks.

My spine tingled when the wind rushed through the intensely warm shop. A friend entered the establishment with her husband. She placed an order, picked up her coffee, and they left shortly. A circle of friends was laughing and standing in a close-knit circle, glancing, whispering around the store, and then whispering again. In my small spot, I felt hidden and unnoticed and watching these folks felt like enjoying the cozy ambiance.

Afterward, my nerves began to calm down. The small coffee shop's cozy and homey atmosphere lifted my spirits. I had entirely forgotten about the words of my partner and my unpleasant talk at the counter. I went back to my partner, and then after a while, I went to the counter and ordered our favorite coffees.

The rising aroma was exquisite, and before I realized it, I had picked up the cup and hoped it was not tainted. With only one sip, the rich, nutty flavors on my tongue explode in my mouth, sending a rush of warmth crashing over me. It is like a belated hug. This was what? What on earth could taste so fantastic? I sipped again to identify the flavors. Once more, the wonderfulness of the relaxing beverage overpowers my tongue.

I felt worried about his decision, so I was overthinking. Suddenly, I remembered the Farm his parents gave us as a wedding gift. It has been a while since we have not visited the area because of its geographical location. “Why not transform the farm your parents gave you into a distinctive coffee shop with charming flashes of tranquility and elegance?”

My husband paused for a while and agreed. The following day we visited the farm. "We can use the farm's forests and cut down the trees to construct a quaint, rustic coffee shop surrounded by mountain ranges. It could be a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and let us feature it as Cafe Sa Bukid.”

The farm is surrounded by imposing hills and enormous mountains that provide a 360-degree view of a tranquil setting. Aside from being a coffee shop, a part of the farm could be a place for camping, horseback riding, sleeping, eating, drinking, kite flying, picnics, and even bonfires. So it is not just a cafe but a place for recreational activities.

After a month, we turned the farm into a stopover to recharge for energy. It turned into a mountain scenery view with a cozy ambiance and named it Cafe Sa Bukid. Cafe sa Bukid means coffee shop in the mountain ridges.

As time passed, it became the loudest coffee shop in the crowd. Not just famous for its aromatic coffee but for its cozy and super relaxing ambiance with a 360-degree overview of beautiful scenery with the wild heart of nature.

I did not stop drinking coffee but made an innovative plan through a start-up. We serve the best coffee in the Philippines, which has later become famous all over the world. Even tourists come and go to the coffee shop. After six months, we were able to save money and finally bought our dream house.

“I love you so much. I will always hold on to our promises. I will do everything for you, come what may.” My husband whispered to me with the biggest smile when I embraced him tightly. I never thought we could buy our dream house after six months of constantly working, dreaming, and saving.

“This is our dream. This is our dream life.” We swallowed the refreshing and magical coffee as we experienced the beauty of fantastic nature together at our dream, Cafe Sa Bukid.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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