The magic of Love Coffee

Yesterday I felt overwhelmed by the worries of everyday life that we adults must face and solve, I was very upset with my boss who promised me a salary increase, it has been more than 15 days, he has increased my work but the salary increase has not arrived, to make matters worse he started working next to me a girl who has no work experience, I must teach her, but I confess that I find it hard to do it.

Some friends told me that they had opened a Café near my work and recommended me to visit it because it was a really magical place that allowed people to relax and find inner peace, without thinking twice although a little incredulous, I decided to visit it, I tell you what happened.

Before arriving at the entrance of the place I met a very nice man who led me to the main door, where there was a sign that said Thank you for visiting Café AMOR, when I pushed the door a sweet aroma came to my senses and automatically a smile was drawn on my lips.

A girl approached me and told me that I could sit wherever I liked, without knowing how my steps were directed to a secluded table where I could observe an outdoor patio planted with ornamental plants and several varieties of flowers, really the view was beautiful, the aroma in that area could feel better and my chest that was tight began to feel relief.

The smiling girl explained to me the offers they had called my attention, the offers of coffee, when you select the coffee you want you must also select the flavor which were hope, gratitude, forgiveness, love etc.

The waitress seeing my surprise, smiled and explained to me that you will select the coffee you like and when you drink it only you will know the flavor you find, of course I was even more surprised and intrigued, I immediately ordered a coffee with milk and a sweet, I love this combination.

While I was waiting for my order enjoying the atmosphere around me I realized that the people who were there all had a smile on their lips, some like me were sitting alone, others were talking animatedly or like an old couple who were just smiling and with their hands intertwined.

I can't tell you how, but suddenly I realized that I had my coffee with milk in my hands and I had almost drank half of it, when I started to taste goodness, I can't explain you how that taste is but I can tell you that I started to feel Peace inside me, Coffee Love makes you get rid of negative vibes, I began to remember my day and I perceived everything differently, I thought that I should be kinder to my new partner, because I owe everything I know to many people who taught me, among them my boss who I remembered had his son sick the week before, I realized that surely that's why I had more work and he did not process my raise, I wanted to buy tickets to the ballet, I felt a deep gratitude for my brother who gave me the tickets and for Life that is really beautiful.

Thank you for reading, the photos were taken with my Samsung note 8 cell phone and correspond to several cafes that I have visited, I used the Deepl translator.

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