Pogon coffee bar - The best coffee in Novi Sad, Serbia

Thanks to Mirai's visit to Novi Sad, I got to visit some new places as well and discover hidden gems of my own city. One of the best places we visited was Pogon coffee bar where we went almost every day during Mirai's stay in Novi Sad.

Interior and exterior

First few days when we visited, weather was actually very nice so we could sit outside and enjoy our coffees. Then the cold and rainy weather arrived so we moved inside.

Interior has an industrial inspired vibe while still being cozy. Staff here is nice and kind, of course they started to recognize us as their usual guests as we came back here so often.

With a chill atmosphere, Pogon is also a good place to do some 'light' work so I might actually go here by myself sometimes to do blog or University related things.

Coffee selection

Since the first time we had coffee here, we were determined to come back and try all their coffee beans so that's exactly what we did.

I only went for cappuccino or cafe latte and other than these two, Mirai also tried their cold brew and Nitro coffee. As someone who is a huge coffee lover and traveled to a lot of places, Mirai said that coffees in Pogon were some of the best he ever had!

If I remember correctly, the order in which I tried their coffee beans is Guatemala, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia and India. I haven't tried Honduras decaf nor Panama. Mirai and I both agreed Indonesia was our favorite and on our last day visiting Pogon we wanted to have it one more time but unfortunately the waiter said they had some problem with importing the beans so we have to go for another option which was not a problem at all since we liked all the coffee beans they have to offer.

I would definitely rate Pogon 10/10 and it already became one of my favorite places in Novi Sad. If you are also a coffee lover, let me know where was the best coffee you ever had or your favorite coffee beans! :) Thank you for reading!


Photos are mine, taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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