One Coffee Night After Coffee Nights

I just had tea and decided to browse through Hive for ideas to create a content and I saw an entry for this contest, I got very interested when I saw it had a lot to do with my tea habits... If I do I take tea at night? Oh yes, I do but it changed after I had a friend introduced me to having coffee at night.

I would have love to talk about my special love for tea but then, I don't take it at night anymore but coffee? It's more of a night drink for me.

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The first time I had a coffee was at night for my very first difficult exam preparation at the university, my friend suggested it for me and I've been grateful to her about it since then. Oh my! You don't want to have a taste of the first coffee I prepared myself after my friend made the first one I drank 😅 I couldn't drink much from it but it did a whole lot for me. But surprisingly, that didn't make me not like coffee.

I bet my friend was a good coffee maker, she left a good impression with the first coffee I tasted.

I thought I loved tea and it was irreplaceable for me until I joined the coffee nights gang, my two friends and I developed the habit of taking coffee every night even when we didn't have reasons to stay awake. We even started a coffee research to figure out which coffee brand was the best to stick to.

Well, that led to one coffee night I wouldn't forget in a long time 😅

Night coffee drinks are the best experience for me, I still enjoy to take it at night when I get the chance but I'm not so excited about it as I was back then during my school days. We bought a new kind of coffee brand, I can't remember the name anymore and we decided to have it on a night to our exam so we could study and not fall asleep while doing that.

It tasted different, like tea but we didn't mind since we were only trying out a new product and expected a different taste.

It happened that the coffee turned out to be like a sleeping pill for us that night, I could still remember how my friends were dozing off on the very first page we opened to revise 😅 we slept off and we woke up almost late for exams. While we were wondering what had actually happened the other night, we couldn't think much and hurried off to write our exams.

We found out later that the coffee product we bought was tea but just named differently for sales. I mean, it was delicious with no efforts from us to make it delicious but it didn't serve the purpose we took it for and that ended our coffee research. Now, there's only one coffee brand I love and I don't mind taking every nighttime.

I love the memories I get when I think about night coffee, it is a lovely one for me.


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