A Posting Contest - Our Coffee Love Story

Iced coffee for two! Jay signaled.
I don't like iced coffee, Lily tried for what seem like the 100th time to let Jay know her favorite but the response came as always...
Come on Lily, iced coffee is the best. I mean, who doesn't like iced coffee? Jay won again.

Jay and Lily were lovers of coffee but liked their coffee in different style and Jay wants his favorite to be his girl's favorite. Jay brought them to the latest best coffee shop to spend time with his girl while he sipped but that day played out differently for him unlike before.

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Hey! A cappuccino please, you know how I like it... Lots of steamed milk and the sprinkled cinnamon of course, Arnold walked in with his regular order.

Lily found her second in the kind of coffee she likes, she couldn't help but notice his knowledge and freedom to order whatever he likes. She had always wish to visit a coffee shop with her guy, order her favorite coffee drink and say a lot about her liking for cappuccino drink but Jay never let that wish came true for as long as they've been dating. Somehow, iced coffee became her thing even though cappuccino was her favorite.


Arnold sat calm, was sipping his drink with a smile and he could notice lily's glances.

Maybe a coffee magic or coffee attraction happened, Lily got so much courage to leave Jay's table and sat close to Arnold for a cappuccino drink without turning back to see Jay's reaction. Jay left the shop out of shame and anger but Lily didn't mind so long her favorite drink was going down her throat after a long while.

Arnold and Lily found themselves talking so much about coffee drinks and their favorite one. Of all the coffee in the world, why cappuccino? Arnold asked. Because of moments like this, I feel I can have a cappuccino and feel less burdened and have full control of myself... Lily replied with a self affirmation and a beautiful smile.

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They both felt their heart racing and they had their first kiss in the coffee shop having their best coffee drink.

Your lips tastes like our cappuccino and I love it, Arnold tried to tease Lily and they grew fond of each other more and more as they talk about their favorite coffee drink - Cappuccino

While in the love air, Jay called to break up with Lily and Arnold had came to the shop to nurse his broken heart from a failed relationship... It was the birth of another love story in the coffee shop.

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