Another specialty coffee. A birthday blend!


Yeah… this is a very special one. It’s a blend to celebrate the 13th year of the “Dabov specialty coffee” company. And it’s from the collection “Exclusive coffees” which are available in the company’s portfolio. This one hosts a quite nice variety of aromas including mango, forest fruits, almond and chocolate.


I have to mention, for clarity, that aromas that coffees have are not artificially added and they naturally exist in the quality coffee beans. The beans selected for specialty coffees are a very small part of all the worldwide coffee crop.


As usual, I start with 21 grams of ground coffee for 2 cups of coffee. V60 filtering method is my favorite, as you may already know from my previous posts in the community.



If you are carefully looking the photos, you may notice that my coffee pot is missing and it is replaced by a normal kitchen jar. Well, about two weeks ago my wife accidentally broke the pot and I still haven’t buy a new one. Just for now, the option with the jar is working quite well and I’m happy with the results. After all, the target is the coffee in the cup.


It’s ready! And this exclusive coffee is very unique and balanced blend. Such a great way to start the day. And having in mind that the Autumn is here, I give you this photo of my coffee cup and an acorn, which my 2 year old son brought home!


Have a nice day and enjoy a warm cup of coffee!
See you soon 😉

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